October 11th, 2005

fat unicorn
  • etana

the blindie changed names

Hey dreadheads! It's purplesockz turned even more jewie-er, just changed my lj name to etana. You can google it's meaning :)

AS a dread-related note, I bought some wooden beads and was threading them through. NOT easy. Any tips for threading dreads through beads with the tips aren't locked up (and I'm not worried about them locking up necessarily right now because I realize it takes a while)

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still dont know i have soem sort of hair appointment on friday, and i havent been to a salon in like 3 years, i dont know if im ready to let go of my locks though
or maybe im just scared of a big change? even though its just hair.
here is soem half n half do's of mine
you guys are all awesome
lots of pics under this
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