October 12th, 2005

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well i havent updated here in forever so i decided to post some recent pic of me and my  dreads theres only two but oh well i hope you guys enjoie them!(:

liebe jen

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well it's been a long time since i've posted, and since then i've had multiple issues come up.

1. i moved to krakow, poland about 2 weeks ago, i'll be here for the school year. there are SO many dreadheads! i see 6 or 7 new ones everyday! anyone here in the area? (probably not but it's worth a try :)

2. i recently combed out 3 dreads to add to my bangs, but now i feel like i have too much hair and it's ultra-frizzy, even after repeated washings. my natural hair type (or so i thought) is straight and thin, is it possible to damage my hair so much that i need to wait for new growth for the fluff to go down? .. if that makes any sense. you'll see in the pictures.

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my hair and me go on vacation

So, I finished my 7 months of work in Washington DC, and was free to roam around the continent for a month before heading back home to Australia. First stop, Colorado...

We hiked Longs Peak, one of the many 14,000 ft peaks in Colorado. This photo was taken on an acclimatisation hike the day before

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hi there. does anyone have any expierience selling their old locks on ebay? i cut mine off about 2 years ago and just did not have it in me to throw them away, so i kept them around in a larger sized ziplock bag. i am sort of in a position right now (easy way to put it) where i simply just need all the money i can get. if i can get a dollar for them that will be enough. i just did not want to place them on ebay simply for the auction to be closed due to whatever restrictions they may have placed on such an item.

if anyone within the community has a legitimate charitable reason why they might need some old dreads let me know and i might be able to help you out. they vary in size, the longest two being about 12 inches long, and the rest anywhere between 3-4 inches and 6-7 is about the average. the colors vary between brown, black, red, blondish yellow, orangeish, they are all over the place.

i am not trying to sell anything to please don't confuse this as spam, i just know of nowhere else to ask.
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So, exciting story.
For my English class, we have to do a demonstration speech where we, err...demonstrate things. After a few stricken ideas, I realized soemthing:

I will give someone in my English class dreads, I bet they've never had THAT. So, I found a willing participant (who has wanted dreads for god knows how long) and I will be starting the process on her hair in class and finishing it up probably that day after school.

The problem is, though I was an active participant in my own hair dreading, I'm afraid I'll screw her's up as Jake and Sophie did mine. The back combing job on my dreads was awful and they look quite pathetic for two months. Any advice for a first timer?

And, why not throw in a picture for good measure, because after the initial hardships they are finally coming along quite nicely.

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In completely nonrelated news, I am going to see nine inch nails tomorrow and can not contain my excitement.
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