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[13 Oct 2005|12:46pm]
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[13 Oct 2005|01:37pm]
[ mood | wistful ]

found another photo of the woman with the most beautiful dreads ive ever seen
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new member [13 Oct 2005|05:52pm]
i just got dreads yesterday. they're really thin because my hair is so thin. i have really small tight rubber bands on the roots and tips. i don't know when i should wash them.

also, i look bald; they're really far apart. i don't know if it's just from the bands at the top or what.

any suggestions would help.

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6 months (pretty much) [13 Oct 2005|07:48pm]
ok, so i'm not likely to have time to do this when it /is/ their 6 month birthday (next week), so i'm doing my first ever timeline - beware MANY photos (like... 40)Collapse )

too many photos? ;)

cant believe how much they've developed. i thought they were looking really bad these days, but comparitively speaking, they're awesome :D
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[13 Oct 2005|10:43pm]
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[13 Oct 2005|11:47pm]
Whats the best way to prevent dreads growing together at the roots? They seem to want to form into one big dread & its painful to pull them apart, and probably not too good for my scalp.

On another note, I just soaked my hair in a solution of Dead Sea mineral salts and my dreads look nice & thick now. And they smell so fresh!

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