October 14th, 2005



Ok, it took me a pathetically long time to figure out how to post pictures in here so even though they are bad pictures of my dreads I feel i've earned posting them on the internet. Plus, i've been stalking this community for a while and figured I should stop being such a creep and actually introduce myself.

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Here's a wierd photo of me & my dreads and wooly bits- ooh that sounds rude!

And here's a pic of a piece of jewellery I'm working on...if you can call it that...but I think you'll dig it!Dreadzilla!

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weird question

Just an odd question, but I've noticed that a lot of females who have dreadlocks, never dreadlock their bangs (or parts in the front), and always leave them undreaded?
Not that it looks bad or that I dislike it, I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this, or if females who have done this have reasons why?
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Cutting Dreadies

I saw a picture of short dreas today, and I went ABSOLOUTLEY APE!
And now I want to cut my dreaides off.. not ALL of them, just a little bit of length.

Now they're quite.. long actually... and I..
Well, they untangle themselves, isn't it easier do dread shorter dreads?
Or am I just wrong and beeingpathetic because I want to cut them?

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so my dreads are 2 days old, and im going to re-section them tomorrow.
I'm taking them out tonight, and I heard you soak your hair in conditioner and comb them out. I need them out by tomorrow morning.

suggestions on how to get my 2-day-old dreads out would be supa appreciated.


I am cutting my dreads tonight, i am really tired of them and i want to be able to run my fingers through my hair. But anyway, i was wanting to keep as much of my hair as possible so if anyone knows any good tips on taking the dreads out that would be awesome. I know that i am going to have to cut a little bit of it and i am willing to do that. But i really dont want to have super short hair. And how damaged is my hair going to be after i cut and brush it out? Is it worth my time?
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My hair is doing nicely, tightening and forming in ways that were previously unthought
There is a certain musk.. a smell.. could it be mold?
And if it were mold how would I remedy that?
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i've been collecting pics of my dreads the past couple of months since i realized i hardly have any pics of them and they're already almost 3 years old (on xmas day)!!! so now i share some of Collapse ) with you.
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I finally bought a crochet needle this week and have been going at my dreads like crazy. I'm having my first music video filmed at the end of the month, so I want them to look hot! I dyed them red but unfortunately my webcam doesn't show off the colour so I'm going to try to steal a friend's camera to get some better pictures... but yes, I feel like being a post whore.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
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