October 15th, 2005

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new hat.

it's more sacklike than my other hat so it fits better 'round the neck.
it's reaaaaally soft & comfy & warm so i'll basically be living
in this thing as soon as winter kicks in. mmmm, winter.

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my friend steph just gave me dreads that are closer together than before.
sectioned my hair.
put wax in
put bands in
backcomed them.

that was about 15 minutes ago.

I'm leaving her house in about an hour, so im short on time if i need to make change.

what do i do with the bands?

what's the next step?
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1 month and 1 day old!!

They are coming along, 1 month later. Getting knotty (I can FEEL knots!!) and lovely, some sleek parts that are just chillin (by my ears) that won't move but don't seem to want to knot up, eh. I've been letting them live and breathe.
And they got a bath today...
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