October 16th, 2005

I am so upset, this is killing me

I do not know what to do...
My dreads are now so.. fallen apart and not very nice that it scares me.

I feel a lot like cutting some length of, and I might do, tomorrow.
After a lot of exellent comments yesterday, I checked, and it WONT be shorter thab 6 inches.

And now I was wondering
Does it dread easier when it's short and soft, or long and soft?

I want to fix this as fast as possible, and I would love to hear you'r opinions.

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I am starting to realize that there are more great and good things in this world, then there are bad. Is it because I so goddamn well learned to block out bad things or is it really true?

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Or is it because I am in love? It feels good non the less :)

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Hey guys

Went to Oxford for the weekend and ended up blessing someone with the almighty power that is the power of dread. Started in the evening and managed about 5 but then passed out from being far far to wasted to be in control of someones barnet, so continued the next day and i figured it only took me bout 5 hours in all. Plus she had really thick hair, so thats quite speedy of me. I've been experimenting with dreads for ages on other people, so i like to think ive almost perfected it now. I refuse to use anything, no wax, bands, thread, nout, just the simple rip and twist method follwed by a bit of palm rolling. I also figured if you work from the bottom back, and work your way up, that kinda reflects the natural way dreads form and so looks a bit less 'perfect'. I can just tell their gonna flourish! Collapse )
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I finally got off my ass and dyed my hair. The color is somewhat dark, but it looks ok I think. I went over each dread first, then went back and did my roots, though I wouldn't suggest doing it this way. I missed some spots on my roots, and by the time I got it all rinsed and saw this, I was almost out of dye.

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Also, this isn't at all dread related, but I have no girl friends, and no one close whom I can discuss this with, so I'm asking for your help since you're all so nice here. I was working as a cashier at work today and this guy came in, then while in line he went out to his car to get something (which becomes apparent later) and then ordered just a Coke. He was quite nice and asked me how I was (yeay, customers treating me like I'm a person!!). Then, as he was leaving, he dropped a note on the counter. It was his name and number and it said "call me". Now, he looked to be a few years older than me, I think, but I honestly wasn't really paying attention. No one has ever given me their number like this, so my question is, should I call? If so, what should I say when I call? Thank you for any advice.