October 17th, 2005

  • akimova

hair becomes fascinating when you've been up for a few days...

I picked up some liquid Dr Bronners Peppermint soap and gave my locks a wash - and to my shock my dreads are suddenly Very very soft, and most of my tips that i crocheted last week came loose again. The tips part makes sense, the water pressure in my shower is pretty high so I think that's what pulled those out. It's the soft factor that worries me! Has anyone else had this happen with dr bronners? I love the smell and feel of this and am hoping it's just a fluke that this happened. I'm making the game plan of lots of salt water sprays throughout this week and lots of palm rolling - anyone disagree/agree?
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Hello hello!

Can anyone tell me how your "round" the tips of your dreads? I think that's how I heard it described before and it seems to make them seem so healthy. Thanks for your help!

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i hope you guys don't mind this too much haha. you folks all look so damned beautiful. i can't get enough.
and yah im with the lovely lady below. who knows how to round ends? and also. does anyone know any effective ways to help the roots. like...can you backcomb your roots???

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10 and a half month old locks

I'm getting increasingly annoyed with the black hair color recently. I've decided I want to switch to a purply-burgandy color, and I need to find out some info on color strippers, and maybe like a year from now I'll have the guts to go through with it (I'm terrified of my hair falling out).

Anyways, here are some pictures from this weekend. My dreads are 10.5 months old.

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  • pixiefi

stupid october.

so i like to wash my hair about once a week, but it takes like, 2 days for it to dry fully and i don't want to be freezing my ass off for that long now that it's cold.

any drying tips?

and all you kids who live in forever warm weather...i hate you.
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Bad dread day

I was so mad this morning..
First of all I had 4 hours sleep,
and I had a bad dread day!
They we're like GLUED to my head!
And all the nice tips I backcombed and rubber banded yesterday looked all miserable!
So I was a little angry beacuse of that as well..
I was considering hiding them underneath a hat all day,
but stupid teachers wouldn't permit that..
So I put them in a pony tail..

Makes me sad to see them untangle =(
but I have decided
I will not cut them, they will shrink a lot when I have tightened them up.. (I hope)
Does this seem like the right thing to do?

I promise to update pics soon, when I get my own computer back.
Promise =)
strange imagery

karmicly hartbroken

so dreads are heart, eh?
and to help a friend with dreads
in a very...... sort of waay, eh?

I spent 8 hours
and two days later I'm told he never wants to talk to me or see me ever again

I thought I'd leave that hear

so it doesnt become residual

the huge designer leather couches shoulda been my sign, ya think?
fuck yeah!
  • libee

Happy 2 Month Birthday!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yup. My babies are 2 months old and I love them more and more each day. They have shrunk soo much but I am glad because that made them thicken out slightly.

These dreads are for keeps. Through good or bad they are staying with me. I have made the mistake of removing dreads before and I will not be making it again for a good long while.