October 18th, 2005

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I'm the kindof person that puts A LOT of thought into doing something before I do it.

So I need your guy's help.

I've wanted dreads for some time and actually began growing my hair out last year so that I could do them.
Now I'm getting anxious and my hair's started naturally matting in places becuase I never brush it so I was thinking that it was time.

This is what my hair looks like right now:
(excuse the face)

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For those of you with mold...

Might I suggest popping a wad of HENNA on your locks.

Leaves contain an important cosmetic dye. The principal colouring matter is lawsone (2-hydroxy 1,4 - napthaquinone) which has also been used as a tropical sunscreen. Lawsone is also a potent fungicide, superior to some commercial agents. Hot climate henna is said to contain more lawsone than temperate - grown henna.

Seeds contain 10.6% moisture, 5.0% protein, 10.11%, oil 33.6% carbohydrate, 33.6% fibre and 4.8% ash.

Oil contains 1.7% behenic, 9.61 arachidic, 15.8% stearic, 9.1% palmitic, 34.7% oleic and 29.3% linoleic acids.

Air dried leaf powder contains 9.0% moisture, 14.8% ash and 10.2% tannin.

FUNGICIDE? Good lord! Kill off that moldy fungus growing inside your little locks I say (and acquire a new shade).

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i just washed my head for the first time. it's only been a week, but i have dandruff, so it needed to be done. my friend who did my hair put it in rubberbands, and it's all knotting up quite nicely. do you think i could take the rubber bands off yet? but since my hair is so curly, the ends are being very difficult. that's pretty much the only part that isn't getting done. i'll post photos later!!

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I loved Maria's timeline the other day that it made me wanna search out my own pics...
This is me b4hand- long, straight, boring!

this is straight after my 2 lovely dreadhead friends got their hands on my locks... oooh need a dye job!!

and this is 2day- 10 months old!!!

I remember seeing this girl at a festival and she had the most amazing dreads- I was totally inspired, thinking "I wanna have beads and ribbons and colors in mine!!!" so eventually I took the plunge and freaked out the family for xmas!! Yah for dreaded goodness!
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friends, i did i! :-D

well, half. i decided i couldnt wait any longer, and so im trusting that having my best friend do them will not be a horrible mistake.. :P
we did the bottom bit of my head last saturday, but then other plans stopped us from doing the rest.. so we'll finish this coming weekend. but sunday night, at a dar williams and girlyman concert (fuckin amazing!!) i got my first compliment :) it was so fabulous and perfect and i love dreads and people and music and :-D !

anyways.. here are some pictures

love- tara

i would like to proudly say i used not a single dollop of wax :)
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wow...you might have noticed i had a completly different entry in here...this is the one i wanted to put:

i just recently gave my brother dreads in a few random places and they seemed to shorten a LOT. His hair started out..maybe a foot long. A little past his shoulders and very thick, then the dread went to about 5 inches. What happened?
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