October 19th, 2005

real hawk

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I decided to shave a few inches from the back of my head.

After toying with the idea a while, I realized that I don't even LIKE the dreads back there. I did my whole head by myself and the ones i nthe back were such a pain in the ass and thus came out shittier than the others. And they frequently mat together since I don't go anywhere without some kind of headgear (being in class sucks when your dreads are all up in your grill).

So yeah, instead of studying for my Biology test, I decided to spontaneously get up and snip snip some dreads in the back (turned out to be 5) and then i cut around and tried cutting my hair as short as possible, and so hopefully i can find someone with some buzzers soon so that i can just buzz it off and have it even and nice looking, since right now it looks pretty haggard.

But I LOVE it and it feels so nice and i play with it often ^__^

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Homemade TAM triumph

I'd always wanted a tam but I'm chronically both poor and overambitious, so I set out to the craft store to get a crochet hook and some yarn. A little less than two weeks later I'm finished! It turned out to be a lot easier than I thought it would be, althought it's kind of ragtag tam with some ugly stitches and stuff. At first it seemed impossible, but it ended up being a lot of fun. If you have a lot of patience and need a hobby, or a tam, or both, I highly recommend making your own dread stuff. Which is not to diminish buying them, because the entrepreneurs out there surely make them a lot nicer, but DIY is kind of rewarding too.

I think I like my tam especially because much of it was crocheted in my dorm room on a friday night while other people were out getting loaded :D. Sorry if that came off self-righteous, but I like not drinking, and I like my grandmotherly life.

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hello! i need the opinion of strangers. i have considered dreading my hair for six months or so, but i am having a hard time getting the support of my friends/mother. its not that they believe the usual stereotypes of dread heads being dirty pot smokers, but it is such a bold move that they are having a hard time seeing me with dreads. i agree that they look better on some people than others, so i need an objective opinion on whether my hair/facial features are compatable with this hairstyle. so i am looking for GUT REACTIONS here guys! an overview of my hair:

-loose curls from root to tip
-an inch or so below my shoulders (a bit longer than in the pictures)

i am also wondering if my curls will make it harder to make dreads.

so without further adieu:

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So I think I got my bands out two weeks ago or so. Still you can see the sections, but I think it needs time. But I can see hairs going back to where they belong. Though I think it's good that I did it, because I know someone who also still has bands in and it's beginning to get pretty bald over there!

I also helped a friend out today who wanted to get her dreads longer. She also got herself some bangs (she didn't before) and went from red to brown hair. It looks better I think. The dreads I added to make her hair longer where a little another colour but in real life you can't really tell by just looking at it. On the pictures you can though.

And now pictures ofcourse!

A shacky picture of my hair.


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pocket full of cash., big weed stash

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i never really took a lot of pictures during my whole dread process.
in fact i don't even know where half of them went. even the crappy webcam photos i took the morning after my friend finished all the

backcombing and waxing we did for about 8 hours.[which was in the middle of october 2004.] but either way, i had my reason to cut them out.

mind you, i'm more than sad that i did, but i figure i'll just do it all over again and it'll be a whole new adventure.

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lishd's locks from her first set. she sent them to me so now they're miiiine. hehehe. i attached the one with the iron cuff earlier today, mind you though, it was a pain in the ass. working on the back of your head is a complete & utter BITCH. i can't show you a picture coz my camera died three days ago.

anyway. my flock welcomes this lish-lock ;)

oh yeah, don't you find it weird whenever you're around other people's things & they always have their own particular smell? i guess you could say DUH, but whenever i come across letters, clothes, or in this case - dreads of other people, i always feel the need to sniff them to find out what kind of things they like/what kind of places they go to. for instance, if you'd sniff my personal belongings/clothes/hair/whatever, you'd smell a heap of inscense & fruity stuff. what about you?
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