October 20th, 2005

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Hello again,

I searched through some back dates in search of the person who makes/sells tams without success so I thought that this might be a good way to get in touch! I have a dreaded friend who is having a hard time finding a big enough hat so I mentioned seeing some awesome hats on here and he's really interested in seeing what is out here.

So if anyone here can point me in the right direction to the fine tam makers of this community that'd be really appreciated.


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In my dream last night I went over to one of my shelves and I discovered I had a small dread collection. I think I might have cuddled them a little bit, I was so happy.

...then I woke up and remembered I don't have a dread collection at all, save for the ones attached to my head.



Do I dilute the Dr.Bronners Peppermint Shampoo with water? Cause its like crazy strong...What do y'all do? I read memories...nuthin of that sort...

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Winter legs give me heart attacks.

I did my first dreads ever on another person today!
I guess it doesn't really count because she's probably not going to leave them in. As some of you may remember, I'm doing a demonstration speech on putting in dreadlocks. Anyway, she has beautiful long hair, we're only doing six or seven, and I got most of them done tonight. I'll post pictures of that as soon as they are sent to me.
I'm glowing and proud.

Speaking of the speech, if any of you can think of anything I must tell my class, a comment would be appreciated.

Also, I'm currently going through the tedious process of a foreign exchange application. They call for many photos, so my friend Zach came over today and took a few pictures of me, which I will post now.

I'm just feeling so great about my dreads today.

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I know this is probably idiotic..

I have had my dreads for 11 weeks, tuesday they will be 3 months.

And I know this might sound very stupid, but I figured I needed someone's opinion, and since this is a dreads community...

Here goes :
My dreads are REALLY thin, I have 109, and they're pathetic really. I'm sorry to say, but thats how it feels. The guy who made them put in a lot of candle wax which is the only thing that keeps them together. I rinsed out some of the wax, but when I did, my dreads started faaaaalling apart, and now Only inches of each dread is dreaded, and it feels horrible, and people comment on them and so, and I do back-comb a LOT, but as soon as I wash them they fall apart again. This REALLY frustrates me, and makes me quite sad.

I love the thought of having dreads, and I am now considering combing them out an re-do them, a little bit thicker..

what do you guys think?
Thanks a billion <3

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(I guess this is really directed towards Lish but feel free to reply :) )
After bleaching my hair (for the first time, after having dreads for a year), I've found a few of my roots are separating into two and the weaker of the two has actually split on one of them (at the front of course!) the dread is still attached, but only by half of it's root now and there's a tuft. I've noticed a few others going the same way, and I was wondering if it'd be ok to use some of the after-dye conditioner I saved from dying it??
Also a lot of my roots are very flat and spread out instead of wide, I do roll em but it doesn't seem to help my fat'n'flat roots, any suggestions?

Thank you :)


Progress Finally

Well, it's been about four months since I've last posted here, but I'm finally excited over my hair. Starting the locking process was fun, and difficult. It got so frustrating at times because it just felt like my hair wasn't locking.. Finally, I've found a bit of success. I realize that i've got a long way to go before I'll have mature dreads, but I'm hanging in there and I just wanted to show you what my dreads looked like before (Day 1) and what they look like now..

First, here I am before beginning the locking process Collapse )

Here I am when the comb twists are finally Collapse )

And here I am Collapse ) and Collapse )

Anywho, I'm finally feeling all excited about my hair. So excited in fact that I would like to chronicle my journey in a blog. I found so much conflicting information over the web that I've decided to just put all of my experiences into a journal that can hopefully help any other individual with african-american hair find some guidance..

my blog is http://dreadlocknots.blogspot.com/

Check it out when you get a chance and if you've got any suggestions, please let me know. Any resources you could provide that I could post as links on my page, would be very appreciated. :o)

Before I forget, I actually do have a question for you all. I realize that locs are not going to look lustrous, but I was wondering if anyone could recommend a moisturizer. Is extra virgin olive oil all right to use as a hair moisturizer? or at least as something that could add sheen to my hair? I find that the wax I used builds up way too quickly in my hair regardless of how frequently I wash it, and it doesn't add sheen or moisture to my scalp. So any recommendations that won't break the bank and that are also easy to find?
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i apologize in advance for my constant question asking/daily posts, however, i have a big problem:

my hair is naturally nearly black and i have dandruff..easily noticable. my friend who did my hair, used wax, and i know it's irritating my scalp already. i've washed my head three times this week alone, and my hair is going backwards instead of forward of course. it's still there. could it possibly be the wax? i've totally ruined the back part of my hair so i'll have to have help with it AGAIN. is there an alternative to wax? do all of these problems eventually go away? sigh..if anyone wants to talk to me about this stuff on aim i'd really appreciate it. my sn is 'whoa its emi' thanks yall.