October 21st, 2005


newbie :)

Hi, just joined the community.

I started my dreads 10 days ago. The thing is, I'm only doing 2 dreads, one on each side of my head at the front. They're looking decent for being just over a week old.
How should I go about washing the rest of my hair? I've washed twice since I started, (should have waited longer, but the rest of my head was really greasy).

Also, how do I go about putting beads in my hair? Can I just walk into a craft store and buy any beads?

I'll take pictures later.


I have pictures now...

I want to post them...Can someone help me? I have my photobucket...i tried to post them from there...and it worked but they came out huge.


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I am NEW! I just recently dreaded my hair about 5 days ago. I really like my dreads its taking me a lil while to get use to them but i do like them a lot. They are pretty small but thats kinda what i wanted. I have a couple of questions... When i take a shower should I get them wet? or should i like put a cap on cause it seems like they come apart a lil after i shower. umm fuck i forgot what else i was goin to ask but... here are some pix. I would love to hear peoples's opinions. How do they look any tips or anything. :P

I like this pix i look a lil retarted but thats ok :P
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

here's some links I sux at the lj cut thing.
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my admiration of dreads found its way into poetry. in class we are writing anglo-saxon riddles, which traditionally use their answers as the title. i though you guys might enjoy this:


Our length drapes down the back
of a tanned cello, flesh and flat.
We get lost in each other, divide
into vipers, and live like kelp
bursting out from undersea cathedrals.
We sway to the sound of stretched skin,
moving from side to side
as the current turns– we are nomads.
Laced with carbon, we harbor
organic beads of wood and glass,
and wear them like birthmarks and scars.
We are tied to three-eyed, apple-lipped
Vedic gods, and from tribes older than
the written word, we arise.

by: christina cusolito

Okay I've made up my mind

I am combing this very moment.
They're going OUT!

Hanne will help me.
Marta arrives tomorrow to re-do them

This is just a set-back, I am NEVER giving up!
(Stubbron you might say)

Thank you so much for all your opinions and idea, help and support <3

in the makings of a dread family....

so for a long time i was the only dreadhead in my group of friends.
and then i met this other kid brandom through some friends, and he has dreads.
then my good friend derek whos been on the verge of dreads for a couple years finally took the plunge.
and today started the adventure of my best friend margie and her dreads.
shes got a million of them!! ok, maybe not a million, not yet. but she wanted them small and so far she has 27 and she only has a little more then a quarter of her hair done.

yay for dread friends.
i shall post pictures of the happy little family soon enough. :)