October 22nd, 2005

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damn did they ever love the irish sea.

So my hair and I have signed a contract together. We have agreed to the terms, that I will grow my hair out to the length it was before I cut out my dreads. Which is approximately at my boobs, give or take the curls. If my hair does not start behaving itself and become a wild frenzy of sexy fierce red mane, than it shall once again become wonderous locked dreads! I am thinking by Christmas will be the deciding factor.

Oh, and for people who have gone both natural and back-combed method, any suggestions on the route to take for the healthiest/clean natural way to do it.

Keep on dread loving, kiddos
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It's confusing, I know

So I started the project "let's comb Luna's dreads out"

The candlewax looks a lot like chewing gum in there! It is absoloultey disgusting..
I boiled my hair twice, and I've showered 4 times since yesterday..
I just cant get that SHIT out of there!

And in the middle of the process mum entered.
she was really mad, and yelled at me for beeing obsessed with my hair and all..
Whatever I do, I will get obsessed and sick according to her.
She just pisses me off!

And then she fucking says that I should SHAVE off my hair! and let it grow out, and have hair like normal people!
She told me to be like "normal people"!!!
Okay, So I shall start wearing tight clothes, and have straight hair again?

And now I am so twisted and torn, and the only thing I want is to get my dreads OUT
and get over it!
I feel a lot like new ones, but I am afraid mum will hate me forever..
even though it's my hair an all..

I can't brush it out, because of the candlewax, I've managed to do the most on top of my head..

And now I am wondering what to do.. if I should give my whole "dreads" idea a rest..
But I don't feel like I am ready to close up my book just yet, and I have no Idea of what to do..

Any suggestions?
Thanks a Billion <3

Where have I been?

So yes I disappeared. But I have a good reason, I promise. I had food poisoning, which manifested into a nasty sinus infection, which manifested into the nice little cold I now have.

In the midst of all this mess I realized that my dreads are now 8 months old!

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I never wear my dreads all down like this because the front ones are still relatively short and they like to stick out in random directions at random times. I almost always have a scarf to tie them back, except when I sleep. Anyways, they are getting quite thick! Now it's time for me to scroll through the past few posts and see what I've been missing.

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hair growing out at the roots = annoying.

hey guys and gals -
i don't know if this is so much a request for assistance so much as a 'has anyone else ever experienced this?' post. my dreads are about 3 1/2 months old right now; due to technological incompetence and apathy, i have no idea how to post pictures - maybe one of these days. but at any rate, they are doing very well - backcombing obsessively and drying the fuck out of my hair with chlorine, salt water, etc. has done them well. :) however, now my hair is getting longer, and so i have a dreaded section, and then about an inch or so of normal hair down near the roots. i've been backcombing that a little, so it's getting 'puffy' and will eventually dread up as well. but this is somewhat annoying; backcombing every time my hair grows out? will there ever come a point when the hair will more or less grow out dreaded (to some extent) from my scalp? i don't know if this is possible, but... yah. just a general question for the peoples who have had dreadies for longer than i. :)

thanks, kids!

buddha blessings,
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