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another part of you [24 Oct 2005|12:06am]
i was just reading through some of the memories of this journal.. kind of to "catch up" i guess on what happened before i joined as they suggested in the info page. i came across the memory "beautiful post" so i took the time to read through it plus the comments.

there were so many different opinions and perspectives said...everyone had something unique to share about how they felt about their dreads. so i decided since i missed it then, i'd like to post now..

i believe that having dreads is a connection that no other person will experience in their life time. they are a permanent thing that requires work which makes them one huge commitment, which in turn makes each one of us a stronger person.

i originally got dreads with my old roommate about 4 months ago now. we talked about how each of us wanted to get them one day, then the next thing i knew she was sitting in her room backcombing her hair. i sat next to her and started to backcomb mine as well..one thing led to another and here i am 4 months later with wonderful locks. to me it was a bonding experience with her.. we both committed to each others hair and our own. sadly, she took hers out two weeks ago. but i still feel the same about it as i did the day i got them.

people have posted many things about how they feel about their locks.. like.. they're another limb and so on.. i also feel that way. well, maybe not that they're another limb, but just that i feel more connected with them now then i ever have with my hair. they are a part of my personality, you know? i think i've grown since i've gotten them.. i'm more connected with my spirituality and person as a whole. everyone struggles with themselves at a certain point in their lifetime and i'm glad i have my dreads there to help me through it all. they really helped me define a portion of my personality. they're different with every person..as you all know. they put a statement out there saying "look at me, i chose to be like this and i'm happy" .. and it makes me happy that i can actually say that...as well as smile.

i know you're all posting things like "how do they look, should i cut them... i hate the way that they.." and so on.. yes. dreads can be a hassle. but each individual dread is different and unique. let them frolic and sway about and do their own thing. after all, they are your children.
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fun [24 Oct 2005|12:08am]
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[24 Oct 2005|08:19am]
i am dreaded no more.... i cut my dreads off on saturday... does that mean i am no longer part of this group? i think i'll grow them back...
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eau d'bedroom dancing [24 Oct 2005|12:05pm]
I like how my dreads flip around when I dance.

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[24 Oct 2005|12:58pm]
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[24 Oct 2005|04:45pm]
consider it as a mental diary :D


dear hair,

today you looked amazing. seriously. have you gained a couple of inches? good girl *pat*
so, as we went to school today, i kept seeing you in mirrors, windows, the reflection of my glasses, etc.. and honestly, you made me feel like a LION.
you were all about the RAHR, baby.

then, as we rode back home at the end of the day, something happened. you drowned.
heaps & heaps & heaps of water came falling down from the sky and covered you completely. when we came home, i looked into the mirror, and honestly, you made me feel like a drowned kitten.
you were all about the pathetic rahr. you sad sad little bitch.


dear hair,

got into a (play)fight with mum. as i sat on her & tried to bite her arm, she pulled 2 of the newly adoptees. yes yes, she nearly pulled the plug on Lish 1 & 2.
no worries, threadCPR has saved the day once again. vengeance will come in sharpened nails & slapping.


dear hair,

i'm SO sorry about the spaghetti splots.

at least you tasted nice.


(i've no pictures as a) my cam died & b) nothing's changed about my locks whatsoever)
(let's call it a 'sharing of dreadlove/living with dreads/etc post)

now shush.

PS: is it weird that i already (sort of) know what i'll be doing with my hair after i take out my dreads? see, i've this folder with all kinds of pictures of dreaded people (mostly taken from here), and i made a subfolder a couple of months ago where i save pictures of people with hairstyles i'd love to try on myself. i've promised myself to keep my locks for at least another year, 2 years max. after that i'll need to change hairstyles. i've never been able to stick with something as i change my mind/habits/whatever constantly. having my locks is a proof to myself & others that if i commit myself to something, i can actually stick to it (i hope that made any sense)
i think i could still keep a lock or two in after taking the rest out, but i'm 100% certain that they have to go within the next 2 years. i've proved my point by now, change is on its way. heh. of course, i could still get the idea to keep them a little longer, i am after all a *very* fickle person. but yeah, does anyone else have this sort of 'preparation' thing going on?

let me know! :)
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[24 Oct 2005|08:38pm]

mmmmm cornCollapse )
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Spring Fling! [24 Oct 2005|09:15pm]
Here's a few pic of me in the snapdragons! for all us southerners (hemisphere) we're out enjoying the flowers instead
of the autumn leaves!

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boop boop boop [24 Oct 2005|09:59pm]
[ mood | i am always cold. ]

freshly dyed, a couple weeks ago...

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