October 25th, 2005


question regarding approaching bosses

i thought i was going to be in mexico in january, but due to family, money, and school issues, i'm putting it off until the summer. i REALLY want to start my dreads.. i was okay with waiting til january, but i'm NOT okay with waiting 6 more months. i *need* them NOW.

my only qualm now is my work place. i think they would be okay with me doing it, and i'd rather just show up with them than ask, but i know i need to ask first. there was a really cool black woman who worked with us on the floor that had dreads (but you know the existing bias between a really really white girl like me having dreads versus an african american having them).

i work in carry out, so i'm mostly on the phone or in the kitchen. sometimes i take food out to cars and walk through the restaurant, but i wouldn't be serving people anyway.. not now, maybe later (i used to serve, but it made me hate everyone immensly)..

so have any of you had positive past experiences with approaching an employer? what way did you do it? how did you start the conversation?

my manager is cool, i like him personally, but when it comes to work-related stuff, he's kind of a dick when he needs to be. i don't think he would have a problem with them personally.. but you know business. the manager above him who owns the restaurant is a cokehead.. he doesn't look you in the eyes when he talks to you, so needless to say, i don't feel entirely comfortable approaching him with anything. i have no idea how he would feel about it, he may not give a rat's ass what i do.. that's the impression i get from him.

so.. thoughts?

(i love you guys, i can't wait to be one of you!!)
scratch nose

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Im putting this here because 1) Im excited and 2) These are actually decent pictures of my dreadlocks. At least, sort of. :p

Finally! There is an actual name for the shit that goes on with my nose!!

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so my head was itching... bad. So my friend Tyler (an experianced with these matters dreaded friend that I met just recently) suggested I wash my hair. I suggested we wash together.

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The itching.

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since starting my second set of dread with about four inches of hair, i have been told that my hair is too short and my dreads too thin. i should wax heavily, not wax at all, start over, or shave my head entirely.
hearing my friends critique my hair has made me happy that i am redreading for myself instead of vanity. i am happy with my caveman dreadlettes. anyways, happy one month birthday to them.
and just for comparison:

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I dyed my hair.

I got upset that a stencil didn't work out, and so I dyed my hair with the random manic panic I had in my bathroom. Since my hair was a brown, I expected a slight tint to my hair. But some dreads actually turned a reddish-orange.

And so, I have some pictuuuures.
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now the only downfall with being a fake red hed dread head is when it fades, and your left with this shitty, dull orangey vomit colour, (if u eat beetroot. I dont) and your roots feel completely different to the rest of your hair. so i decided it was time to start from scratch and just bleach the whole feckin lot. Warning, "blonde" is not my colour AT ALL...

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Baby Pictures

Since I have pictures now I can share them with you!
They're still babies, Peter (_afton_ I think he calls himself?) and his girlfriend did them for me on Sunday, and I love both of them very much! For the most part I think they're doing well, there's one in the back who was unceremoniously named James Dean because he seems to be rebeling against anything and everything I try and do.

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