October 29th, 2005

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Hello you all! Since it's been like half a year ago i posted... here a little update. Dreads probably about 3,5 years now, messy though :P gotta look for them a bit...

at home


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Matt and I had about the biggest argument ever all on livejournal yesterday. Our internet friends were very helpful and I forced Matt to take this picture so they could see that we wernt killing each other and that we were doing better.

Its a couply photo so I wont be offended if you skip this post over-

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Robby Red Locks Dreadlock


is everyone here content with the world that surrounds us? how do you feel about "elitism"????? does anyone care about the "DOWNPRESSION" of children? now that everyone knows about the wickedness of RACISM (at least I hope)- who thinks it's about time to address the wickedness of ELITISM? I do! does anyone believe the teachings of Emperor Haile Selassie I? I do! is ANYONE here a follower of the GOD of Selassie, JESUS CHRIST, The SON of GOD? I am! I'm not asking if you are a Christian, it seems all humanity has been lost to those so-called "Christians" so embedded in thier "ritual" drivin' religion - most blinded by their own complacence! here's an example: "me & mine are not hungry so everything's fine"............are we not COMMANDED to be our brother's keeper? YES WE ARE!!!! I'm not asking if you or your parents or whoever has labeled you a "Christian" I'm asking if you LOVE JESUS for for what he did for us? I DO!

so here's my dreadlock question (seeing as people around here get mad if you're not talking about dreadlocks!and you know who you are).................

What compelled all of you to grow LOCKS? just wondering

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hey ya'll -
quick question. my dreads are gonna be 4 months old soon; i've never used wax and i want to in order to draw the loose hairs into the dreads(of which there are a lot, but the dreads themselves are locking up very nicely - most, if not all, are quite solid). has anyone ever done this? i generally don't like wax, but think this would be a fairly effective method for getting loose hairs into dreadies.

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ianthe has a better version of this picture, BUT she's going on holiday for a week, so for now all you get is my copy! ianthe is pretty awesome. we ate tibetan food and saw one of the most amazing concerts ever (sufjan stevens). good times were had by all.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

as we took the picture, she said, "now we can say, LOOK LISH, we have no faces either!" heh heh.

(i have now met 8 GUDUers. awesome. hopefully before the semester is over i will be able to add patchoulili and zoi to that list.)
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Today's the day when dreaming ends...?

Today's the day when dreaming ends
Marta is desperately trying to comb out my dreads..
We found trace of 64 possible vitims in here.
I had 109, at least SOME is completely gone. Someone are ALMOST 100% gone..

Today I am starting my new dreads, I just have to get rid of the old ones first.
It is also my birthday.
Little meee, finally 15.
But I wish I could head straight for 16.

Men jaaa..
This is slooow going.

But I can hear my family waking up, if my mum's awake I think I'd better go..
I want my birthday pressies A

At the moment, we are 2 and a half hour late for starting my dreads, and we still have LOTS more to do =((
I am wondering.. And we only have till 4 pm tomorrow.
But if we at LEAST get this (excuse me) SHIT out of here today I think we would be able to do them..
This time they will be thicker. and even if Marta can't finish them all, I will still be able to finish the front.