October 30th, 2005

Gone! all GOne =D

So around 4 am this morning, after boiling ONE and ONE dread for about THREE hours I managed to comb them all out!
I am happy now =)

The horrible CANDLEWAX is ALL GONE
I am so happy!
And my hair is so long..
And all the hair that came out :O

But I will post pictures, I've been taking through the whole process.

At the moment Marta is doing the sectioning. We've only just started, we've had about... 4 hours of sleep, we turned the time back today..
bhut It'll be worth it =)
I HATE combing my hair!
Especially now ^^
Will let you know when they're done =)

Thank you all so much for all the help!
I love you guys


these dudes are my inspiration for dreading my hair:

my original inspiration. (old pic) Brandon Boyd of Incubus:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

professional climber, climbing hold company co-owner, and good friend. Dave Chancellor:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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HAR, my fellow dreaded people! long time no post for myself.

my locks are now two years old as of the 21st of Sept. i have recently joined the bangs gang. i've got bangs now. i've also evened out my crazy ass random colored locks to a nice dark brown (black and fading). why am i going on like this? whateva! they are getting long, i like the feel of them on my back too, all scruffy and stuff.

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i wanted to say thank you to everyone who has encouraged me with my dreads! it means very much to me, and i <3 you all! (hah, how sappy)
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I finally washed my hair again. I didn't want to wash it for a long time because I always have to work a lot on it afterwarts. But it was now about 1.5 months ago, and it just was time to wash them. I was amazed! They weren't fuzzy at all after I washed them. Only on the top, probably because I have nog bands in anymore. Well then I just only worked on them on the top and cut my bangs. My bangs where really thick and long. Just like all my hair used to be.
Also you all remember my hat right? The green one. Well that one I loaned from a friend of mine. So I didn't have one of my own. My best friend had one in purple and because she didn't use it anymore she gave it to me! I'm really happy with it. She also gave me a beat she brought for me from her vacation.

Weird eyes! My bangs really remind me of my old shape of hair.

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hurrrrrrricane report, hilde, & lish dreadpics

i got a little destroyed by hurricane wilma. they were saying we wouldn't have electricity until november 22nd, but quite happily they were wrong, as my building is one of the first to have power restored (lost it monday morning but got it back thursday night). here's a photo i took in a nearby neighborhood:

the ficus tree in their front yard blew over onto their roof, & the root system is what lifted their cars. pretty wild. but what's that up near the car? why, it's Collapse ) enjoy the pics.

comic book


while taking photos of the shawl i just finished knitting, my friend inadvertantly took this awesome photo of my dreads. thought you guys might like it :)

phat dreaddie shawl

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also, i've noticed that now that winter is coming on fast, i've been wearing more sweaters, and the pulling on and off motion seems to create a lot of static electricity in my dreads... do any of you know any ways to get the static out of your hair?