October 31st, 2005

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I finally have some pictures that show off the red colour I dyed my dreads! I shot the first half of my music video on Saturday so I thought I'd share some dread pictures from that and compare them to a picture of my dreads on their first day 3 and a half months ago.

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eek being pulled!

Now what?

I realize these questions probably get asked a lot, and I have read the memories, but was unable to find good answers to these specific questions, so....

I started growing out my mohawk a year ago, and started not brushing or washing my hair. My hair started dreading naturally in June, and on Friday I pretty much finished dreading my hair via backcombing from my friends (one of which had dreads before). So....now what?

How can I help my dreads tighten? I realize that they are brand new, but I am worried that they are really loose already, and I want them to turn out the best they can.

I wash my hair daily with Dr. Bronners....good or bad? I am vegan, and I am not sure I want to use specific dread soaps (even though I don't know if they are vegan or not...) because I really like what I use now.

Is wrapping them bad, specifically with hemp string?

Is wearing them down or up better? I do know that playing with them is generally a good thing.....

Would bleaching/dying them this early in the game be harmful?

Thanks so much!! Pictures soon....:)
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hey folks.

I'm going to be getting dreads to-morrow. Hooray for me.
One question I still have after reading through the memories is when exactly to add beads and things to your dreads. Is there a specific time that is more appropriate (before, during, after) or does it not really matter? Will beads and rings and junk just 'stay' on my dreads, or is there some sort of way to attach them? Thank you much in advance. I'll be sure to post lots of before and after pictures.:)
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henna questions

hi. i am thinking i'll start using a walnut brown or deep red henna instead of bleaching out the roots of my dreads - meaning i'd keep the currently-red parts red (including my bangs & forelocks), but new dread growth would go to henna. i've never used henna & i'm interested primarily in the education, & finding out:
  • if what mobilejessie said about bleach making her dreads visibly thinner is universally true;
  • if healthy hair (growing into established dreads) will lock up better than chemically-damaged hair (as i haven't seen my natural color for more than an inch since 1996, & have only used peroxide-based processes in that time)
  • how henna reacts in general, as i'm tired of saying "i don't have experience with henna, so you're on your own" when i would very much like to add a henna section to my dyeing text.

    so, anyone with henna experience, please speak up. what brands do you like? do you mix powders with lemon juice & stuff like that, or do you buy pre-mixed? does red henna really get redder being mixed with red wine vinegar? what's the average cost you've found? how long do you leave it on? warnings? many many of you have used my dyeing text, so i'd appreciate thorough answers to my questions here. (of course i've checked google, but it's mostly advertisement-type "use this stuff, we're the best" i keep coming across, which is essentially useless to my type of FAQ writing.)

    thanks, kids. (& i'm looking hard at you on this post, radio_numb. :D)

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    I forgot to take a proper closeup at three months (last weekend) because I was away on holidays, but here is one of me being seafarin' and stuff:
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    I can't get over how much they've shrunk - my hair was past my shoulders when I started them, and now it's almost bob-length! I hope the forces of growth overtake the forces of shrinkage soon so I can actually tie my hair back in a ponytail again. I've been wearing a lot of headscarves and hairbands, but it'd be nice to be able to have it off my neck now that it's getting warmer (here in the Southern Hemisphere, anyway!)
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    Wanted: White Fluffy Clouds by Brandon Boyd.


    Help. :(

    And so that it's not text only, I added a drawing of mine, which isn't done yet. I still have to make one of these with dreadlocks. And her lips went kind of wrong but oh hell, I love her. And that when she doesn't even have all her hair yet.