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Mod Note: *Stepping on a soap box* [02 Nov 2005|10:26am]
Making fun of any type of person isn't cool.

Yes that includes fat people. Yes, that includes insulting someone's intelligence.

Phrases like "addictied to cake" are asshole-ish and makes a mockery of how hard people have to work to lose weight and the pressures they deal with while going through that struggle. Believe it or not, some people are meant to be a larger size than 6.

That being said, making fun of people's spelling might fly other places but it's stupid. Especially in a community with so many international posters. It's very elitist to expect everyone across the globe to speak just like you do. Plus, it's livejournal, not a freaking term paper. You should chill with that. If you still understand what is being said... let it go.

A cake addicted moderater
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[02 Nov 2005|12:22pm]

this is mainly for lishd

close-upCollapse )
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Week and a half:) [02 Nov 2005|12:40pm]
Here are my babies. They're a week old now! (actually, a week and a half, but only one week in these pictures) *sniff* Kids grow up so fast.


I have a question though. I'm finding that the dreads in the back tighten up muchly in my sleep, but because they're still soft they get really flat. Palmrolling in the morning helps to an extent, but they're still beginning to take a flat sort of shape. Does anyone have any advice?

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[02 Nov 2005|01:43pm]
[ mood | bright ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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[02 Nov 2005|04:14pm]
[ mood | tired ]

happy belated halloween/samhain! i was a gypsy this year. :)
Gypsy dreadiesCollapse )

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late halloween pics [02 Nov 2005|06:35pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I did the typical faeriness:

i liked how the pigtails worked out. Looks kinda pixy-ish. Horrah!

And this picture was taken while I was getting ready, but later on, I put some fake purple dreads in my hair that I made out of a wig I chopped up. It was pretty rad.

wait, a picture is bettahCollapse )

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Just some pictures from today at school... [02 Nov 2005|07:50pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

 The World Can't Wait!Collapse )

Also, I just braided some really small dreads that weren't actually dreading.  Will they form dreads?

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[02 Nov 2005|08:54pm]
[ mood | silly ]

I know I already posted once, today, but I felt the need to do it, again.

I was counting my dreads because I've never counted them, before. While doing so, I discovered I could do thisCollapse )

I have 75 dreads, by the way.

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[02 Nov 2005|09:11pm]
1,2,3,4 months!Collapse )
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old photos [02 Nov 2005|09:31pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

photos just for fun.
I love dreadlocks.

fun, fun, fun!Collapse )

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Confession and a Hat. [02 Nov 2005|10:38pm]
I haven't posted pictures of my dreads for a while because they are no longer.
I didn't want to tell everyone here because, well, I felt bad about getting rid of them.
I had to cut them out so I could get a job. I miss them every day...
So, I'll have to live vicariously through you all for now.
I only had mine for 4 months but the were so knotty I couldn't comb them out.
Some day I will do it again.
Bye-Bye, Babies :(Collapse )

I'm still making caps, tams and headbands..etc...
Behind the cut is a hat that was custom made to order for a customer who ended up not paying.
Please email me at candi.oconnell@gmail.com if you are interested in this hat or one of your own specifications.

Keep rockin' those dreads, you beautiful kids!
I'm with you in spirit!

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