November 4th, 2005


Scratch that bit about starting dreads. No one in my area wants to do them!!
I ordered a buttload of stuff from in the hopes that I could trick a friend into helping me but no one is biting. This one guy told me he would do them, for a nominal fee of 75 dollars. I laughed in his face. This is so dumb. I want so badly to start them, but I know that I wont be able to finish them in the back without help. This is almost enough motivation to shave my head again.....
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Never got as far as telling you

Sunday I re-did my dreads for the THIRD time.

It is now 59, and 5 that worries me. 4 of them are short and not dreading too good, and the last one is a little flat. But they're only 5 days or so, and I have to be PATIENT

And care and attention and all =)
But I have a good feeling.
I am trying to upload pictures now, and I might uload them later.

(And I will pop in some birthday pics, the combing, most if it was done on my birthday)
in love

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This may be a stupid question, and you can totally call me on it if it is ;)

I looked in memories and couldn't find anything.

I've neglected my hair and I know backcombing is great for starting the dreads process and dreading the roots but what about my knotted dreads? If i backcomb them, will it make them tighter or will it fuck them up?

Thank you thank you.

sorry it's text only.

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you know why hilde is the most amazing and nice and selfless person in the world?

because she spent 5 hours today putting in the rest of my extensions.

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i ♥ hilde.
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hi. anyone an iam member?

i have a lot of iam coupons. i mean a lot of them. like, years of coupons.

anyone want to trade for them?

i'm offering them here first before i hit the bme communities 'cause i like you guys best. make an offer. (in cash, six coupons are worth $10.)