November 5th, 2005

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I attempted to fix my hair last night, but that only resulted in me backcombing myself a whole head full of baby dreads instead of my oh-so natural tangles. :}

i'm so estatic!!! it's insane. hahaha. But without realizing it beforehand, i'm not sure if my job will allow it. I work at a burger joint [Lick's if some of you've heard of it.] and we have to wear a teeny tiny little hat along with our outfit. I usually wear it in a ponytail, but with the whole idea of a "clean" look, I'll have to tuck it into a bun.

My only fear is that when they begin to tighten over time and grow bigger and bigger, will they fit under my hat? I've tried searching for a few entries/memories about dreads and work/hats but I figured I'd ask again.

Has anyone had this problem? Or can offer some ideas? :/
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ok, 1. pictures on their way shortly 2. i saw my grandmother for the first time in 5 months (age of dreads)and she goes'whad ya do to your hair?" and my dad replies for me by saying 'shes been having this bad hair month, for 5 months, chuckle"


I had never thought of it that way.
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so i ran into an ex last night. i went to say hi to him out of habbit, tho he's turned into an egotistical @#%@# these last few years. anyways, he hadnt seen my dreads yet and like the minute he saw them he started examining them and asking who did these (as if soulhaus didnt know what she was doing), kind of amused. basically he thought they looked like crap, even tho they're only about a month and half old. he asked if i knew how to take care of them and told me that i needed to back comb them more and blah blah. i tried explaining to him that at the state they're in now back combing would just prevent the locking up process. he tried fucking around with one of my locks trying to palm roll it, and my friend told me that i probablly shouldnt take advice from some one whose dreads looked like crap when he had them. i remember they were all gross and full of wax. it just pissed me off as it was the first negative comment i've gotten, and it was from some one who was just trying to act like he knew better than me. and he was definitely insulting soulhaus' fabulous dreading job.

anyways sorry for the rant...
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