November 8th, 2005

  • akimova

Le Sigh.

How often would you say that you have any quasi-anxiety fits about your dreads? never? all the time?

I really love dreads, and having mine makes me happy. However, the disgusting amount of dandruff that I have does Not make me happy. I like to give people dandruff advice on here, and for some reason, my scalp is just so angry lately that it doesn't seem to make any difference no matter what I do. Diluted vinegar. Tea tree oil. T-gel. peppermint shampoo. I know some dandruff is normal, but mine is gross and I always have these huge chunks stuck in my dreads that are visibly noticeable. My head looks almost scaley it's so dry. Maybe I should actually go get my scalp checked out to see what's going on?

I also have panicks about whether or not I'm ready for something so permanent in my chaotic life. I think that in the meantime I'll dye them blonde - my natural colour - and see if that makes me feel a bit more secure with them. If I still feel pessimistic then, I may be saying farewell to my little creation.

Sorry for the rant, I just knew that I'd probably find some people to relate to here.

****EDIT**** I'm getting hooked up with some prescription strength lotion, thanks guys!
jinyoung shin
  • beebox

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What does it take to dye over black dreads?

For clarification, the last time I used black hairdye was in February, it's quite grown out, but I'd like to have my hair all one color (haven't decided quite yet which) and am a little scared of bleaching everything and having my roots get super blonde and the rest dark orange, and never being able to get everything even-toned. I've had my dreads for two and (almost) a half years.

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well...about 5 hours later... im in trouble.. heh

i decided to dye my dreads today so i looked at some of the memories in this community to see what it was all about...then i went and picked up bleach & dye, came home and began the process. everything turned out fine except for the fact that the bleach dosent seem to want to depart from some of my dreads. i only coated the outter parts of each dread, making sure i didnt go too deep with them..but there is still some gunks of it in a lot of them. i had two showers plus a bath that i just soaked them in, yet, they still feel gunky...
....any suggestions on what to do?
  • psytekk


why-oh-why can't i get the tips of my light/middle-brown dreads blonde?
i've tried everything, (and used lishd's guide) but they just won't lighten. help?

and a picture, they look really red-ish here, but they aren't.