November 10th, 2005

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everybody's coming, leave your body at the door...

I've been wearing my hair in a bandana for the last month and a half, which, until then, i very rarely did.

this is mostly to keep my hair from getting caught in a piercing that still hasn't healed (i've already got the link lish, if you were going to post it, thanks)

but i also was wearing it up beacause i was tired of worrying how my hair looks all the time, and it's definitely the easy way out.

plus, I really, really want my dreads to be longer, and I know there's nothing i can do but wait..

it's just unfortunate because my hair is absurdly thin.... when i first put them in my hair was down to my nipples (ooo...)
and now, almost a year later, my front dreads only reach to my mouth at the bottom.

so I will be waiting for a VERY long time to have nice, long dreads.

at any rate.... here are a few where i'm not wearing a bandana...

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we have many voices in this community advocating backcombing, but not many for the rip and twist method. my baby dreads have benefited GREATLY with this method so i wanted to share. they are a little over a month old now.
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Dreads&Colors&Wraps&Bells <3

High there!!  This is fluoelf's first post in the community, eventhough I've been looking at it and Im member for a year or so... I guess all this I have to thank to lishd, becase if I don't post, we might have a fight... thank you, darling ;)
I did it!!

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