November 12th, 2005

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sorry for the text-only kids, but i don't have a digital camera of any kind.

just thought I would make an entry to celebrate my dreads' 6-month mark. Only 6 months ago I started locking up against my mother's express wishes, and now she's helping me sew in loose hairs. I have 17 fatties, decorated with beads from many places I've travelled, cloth wraps, and some rings. I love that my dreads remember the ocean in Mexico.

sometimes they look great, and sometimes they stick up all over the place, but I always love them and enjoy their ongoing transformation. They feel so cool!

I think I saw one of you yesterday- twice! Once in Diesel Cafe in Somerville, and again outside of the Garage in harvard square. You're even prettier in person, keep rockin it!

dready love,
molly o.
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