November 14th, 2005


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its fall and this is the time i start to get restless. in the past, when i get this way, i make a slight change... get a piercing, dye my hair, buy new clothes, something.
and id like to do something with my dreads. i havent really done too much to them as of yet. they were changing enough on theyre own. but they seem to have decided to take a break on theyre progression. now they jsut kind of sit there and hang out.
i dont know what i wana do with them... dye them? cut them? i mean, not off, just trim them...i dont know. maybe i wont do anything at all.

any suggestions?
what do you guys do when you feel like its time for a little change?

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Ok so I have been a member of this community since the summer but this is my first actual picture post...I've had my locks for about a month and a half...Partly backcombed, partly natural method, partly just screwing around and experimenting with my hair lol.

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My locks are just over one year old now and I am wondering if people with locks over the age of one year would mind posting some pictures? As much as I like to see baby dreads I really love to see older locks to see the path that is ahead of my own. Oh joy.

my dreadlocked smoocherooni

my lover is awesome and has dreads, but alas, no livejournal anymore, so I thought I'd post on here to show off her locks:

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also, I cut all but 10 of my dreads and i'm trying to let the newly "free" hair dread naturally. what should I avoid doing to it? are there any tips? there was one post in the memories but it was kind of skimpy. I know to not condition it, but apart from that I'm clueless, apart from giving it timmmme.

hair police?

i'm assuming that some of you have heard of hair i just wanted to ask- hair police: yay? or nay?

i'm at this point where my hair is sometimes awesome...sometimes not so awesome. it's been a year so far.

what i like is that a few of my dreads actually rounded out.
what i don't like is that some of my dread ends are's kind of funny because the loose hair is so soft and silky esp. compared to my dreads.

i don't like how incredibly lumpy my dreads are.
there's this strange white stuff that isn't dandruff or any kind of scalp flake on my dreads...just like...tiny white dots. it looks like maybe hair follicles or looks gross.

i don't like that since my hair is so dark my dreads just look like a puffball mess of hair. i don't think very many people know i actually have dreads. i've been told it just looks like i haven't combed my hair. which i guess i don't mind anyway...i mean, i've already been through a year and haven't really thought about cutting them.

still, it makes me sad because sometimes i look at them and say "finally! they are becoming defined and look less like a nest."

i wonder if some wax might help my dreads. or i don't know.

um...yeah. just dread rant. and sorry the pics were so huge before.

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