November 15th, 2005

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Okay, after last week's little dread fit I'm very happy with them, and while attempting to dye them blonde from red didn't work out as planned I dig the colour I ended up with.

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Hello everyone!
I've been a member for over a year now, but just finally started dreading my hair. I checked the memories but didn't see what I was looking for... about how long did you wait before washing your locks for the first time? I've read anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, so any info would be great. Thanks!!! I'll post pictures when I have them.

*EDIT* Pleased to meet you all - My new hair and I are under the cut.
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do any of you have experience combining smaller dreads to make a bigger dread?
i have quite the mess to work with, but i'm sure i'll manage.
i was just wondering if you guys had any tips about combining them.
fuck yeah!
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3 Months

I've reached 3 months. And to celebrate I will share my discovery of this cute little up-do I created today while I was killing time before work:

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Maybe this is a dumb questions maybe not

i was wondering do any of you have a mixed head of hair? by this i mean where maybe you're head isnt all completely dreaded... per say if someone has a hand full of dreads mixed in with undreaded hair. if this applies to anyone how do you end up caring for you hair? do you condition at all? or if you have any ideas or thoughts about dreaded mixed with undreaded hair that would be cool too. thanks.
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Has anybody ever considered/tried using that Wash n' Curl shampoo?

I saw that at the store and thought maybe it would help the process...

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haven't posted in aeons. missed me?
may i present as my photo-post today...

the many things you can do with ridiculously long locks!
a post-halloweenie-many-costumed adventure. in which i even turn 21 along the way...
it's been a busy fall.

example 1: october 28th
(though you can't tell from this shot) for rocky horror? you can just wear your locks down over your bubbies! plus a bit of electrical tape (and a hoodie should you get a tit bit nipply) and you're set.

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