November 16th, 2005


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(exerpted from my own journal - find the full length post here)

so, this weekend, kevin drove me up to los angeles and i dreaded up heads #4 & #5 :D

meet natalie (dometrent), shannon (hippiefaith) and george, the kitty.

it was two days of hard work, sore muscles, sweat, laughter, immense amounts of good food, and the making of not only dreads, but new friends as well.

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Palm Rolling...

Turned one last week:

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After I begin the Rip/Twist method, I find myself ripped and not twisted. The loose, short hairs are adding up around my scalp and some are too short to crochet in. The best way to get rid of these seems to be palm rolling uncomfortably close to the scalp. I used to feel like I was ripping the dread off my head following this method.

Now I've made it less painful with advice from someone who had locks for 5 years. He told me he would place the dread between his index and middle finger with his palm facing outward. With the back of his fingers close to his scalp, and keeping the dread in place, he would circulate it between his hands. He was able to get rid of his loose hairs, cleaning the appearance of his scalp.

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