November 17th, 2005

bearded ladies

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A couple weeks ago, I headed down to Stamford to dread up my good friend noho_or_bust. It took a couple of days of [horsing around, watching movies and] dreading, but she has now joined us all! I believe in the rubberband method, so that's what we used. We also used a TON of dreadheadhq's new item Lock Peppa, and it was fantastic! Anyway, here come the pictures! and just to put off the people who will inevitably ask/say something/be rude: yes i have facial hair, yes i am a woman, no i dont care if you give a shit.

her father is a big republican. we just had to pose with the huge cutout of georgie porgie.

i love this picture from before. we look so happy!

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i'm having a good hairday, yay!
& i've the feeling they're *finally* gaining their old length again.
it might all be in my head though. but still..

ps: sorry for the blurryness, my hands were shaking from the cold.

dread tips

so i have pictures to show you my tips. i tried the rip and tear method on them and it's beautiful! i would highly recommend it to anyone having issues with their own tips! although it's shortened them by about an inch and a half, took about three and a half hours on each one and not easy anymore to pull them back into hairdos, they at least look better. :)

notice the before straight ragged tips:

now look at those tight rounded tips:
looks like tim and I

when to start dreads?

this has probably been asked before, so I apologize for that, but just a quick question:

when is the best time to start dreading hair? just after it's been washed? or maybe a day or so after when it's a little more "dirty"?
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good god its been a while.

i don't have many pictures to post, just these two.

Image hosted by
two women meditating at the rallies in washington in september

Image hosted by
and me learning to walk on stilts at the grass roots radio conference.

the reason for my absence is that i have moved to a house with no real electricity, or running water, and am computerless.
hopefully i'll be able to get to one more often than i have.

bear suit

A weird one..

OK, so my bandmate took a pic of me after rehearsal and decided to get creative with it...
Anyway, yeah... it's me... and recent.

So... look.

BTW, he just did some filter thing to it.. no other photoshop stuff.
That's all my own ugliness under that filter.
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coming out of the shadows

ok, so they're a bit more than two months old. they're progressing nicely, i think.. loose roots and the back's a bit of a mess, but i'm working on that. i'm trying to do the spreading them out when i put my head down thing, and i'm getting pretty used to it. some of the tips are rounding nicely, and i'm not giving up on the others. i've got some loose hairs, and a biggish patch at the nape of my neck, but i'm working on that too. ok.
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some of the pictures are kinda fuzzy, sorry.

3-month mark

Just a quick update. As you can see by the empty room in the first picture, I've been in the process of a move from Orlando to Palmetto and, in two weeks, back to Orlando. Long story. But... my dreads are now 3 months... woo hoo. Overall, I like them. I did a stupid thing and looped a few of them because the roots weren't locking. I'm going to try to "un-loop" them this weekend and just leave them alone. Mostly... I'm just having trouble with the roots. Rubbing in a circular motion doesn't really seem to help, btw. Suggestions?

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