November 20th, 2005


Loose Hairs

My dreads are about a year and a month. By now a lot of hair has grown out and this means a lot of loose hair. When I wash my hair there is like a mini afro of frizz that sticks off my scalp for a few days until it calms down. How do you all deal with loose hairs? I need help. I considered just cutting off all the loose hair and frizz stuff with scissors when I come out of the shower, is this not a good idea? I need advice, these loose hairs are driving me nuts!

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been a bit since i posted pictures.
i was going through my fathers computer the other day and i found the photo and videos he had taken when i had just come home with my dreads. they were only a few hours old.
i started crying, because i miss how many there were, how old they were, and how round..
not compared to the short nappy ones ive got now, its almost 7 months later and im still hanging in there. i counted the other day any my babies are down from 123(the number was done on purpose) to 68. the idea of it all just made me totally depressed, for a while i didnt even want to look at them, so i wore them up everyday, the only came down to be washed.
then the other day i took them back down and they were.. surprisingly.. BEAUTIFUL. even compared to when they were first done, i was just.. totally in love again. im still a bit sad every time someone posts in this community because everyone has these beautiful round dreads, and my are all crazy and most are flat, but then, i guess thats what makes them individuals. i call tell each one from the other, they all seem to have different personalities. they all have names and were named after someone i know whose personality seems to fit.

the other day my wonderful boyfriend and his beautiful friends put together a fundraiser in one of the most beautiful parks here in jackson. it was to try and get kids back into nature, instead of sitting at home on the computer, or playing video games. to get them outside and enjoy how beautiful it was. we are trying to raise money to put play ground equipment into this little ghetto park, we are all tired of seeing these children playing in the street. so as soon as we can raise the money thats where it will be going to. LUCKILY mississippi's art commision will match whatever we can raise for the park. anyways my favorite dready boy was there, as well as a bunch others. the day turned out great.

its not relivant to dreads at all so i hope it doesnt cause a problem, if it does ill delete it. but tomorrow will be one year since my mother died, and i'll be getting my second tattoo, i guess thats one way of making the worst day of the year something beautiful.

on to pictures. oh, and its a bit picture heavy. i apologize, i was just in a bit of a posting mood today!

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OK well my boyfriend just finished a rigerous riping and rolling session on my dreadlocks. My head aches. But I took some pics.

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oh yeah. and One of my dreads mysteriously just fell out. I can't find it. It was a big one. Its out there all by its lonesome with out me, its mommy. I miss him a lot. :(

Question, with pics

Does anyone here know how to knit?...I'm trying to learn right now, it's a lot harder than I thought. The hand positions are so gnarly and uncomfortable!
If you don't knit, do you make any other kinds of crafts?
I like to make bags, and alter clothing. :-)

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so, I'm thinking of dreading me hair. I keep going back and forth on it, and I've mostly come to the conclusion that I'm going to put in a few, and then see how it goes. I'm curious about what you all think!
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