November 21st, 2005


speeding up hair growth

[my apologies in advance if this information is already in the memories... i looked, but couldn't find anything on this subject...]

i had dreadlocks for a good two years... and then last year, on a whim, i chopped them all off to sport a mohawk for a while. i've decided that i want dreadlocks again, and now am in the awkward stage of letting my hair grow out... it's nearly 2 inches long now, but i am so impatient..! does anyone know of anything that can help speed up the hair growth process..?

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9 months + the stubborn dread.

My babies are 9 months old now! Get it... babies... 9 months... well I thought it was funny.

Anyways, I have this one dread that is directly in the center of my head. DIRECTLY. It doesn't fall to either side, and since my hair isn't that long yet, it literally sticks straight up in the air unless restrained by a headband. I think it's pretty funny and I like to think it's my dread antennae that attracts all dread heads within a thirty mile radius. Maybe one day it'll work!
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... And some pictures of the back, just because I never get to see the back of my head (obviously) and I think it's fun to look :)
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