November 22nd, 2005

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Meeep! I feel so stupid posting a question like this, especially since so many of you seem to love the look of nice, thick dreadlocks.
I personally think the most flattering width depends on the bone structure of a person. *shrug*
Anyway, I've been thinking about dreading my hair for about 3 years now, and I finally have a job where I can do that if I want to.
So here's the question- if I wanted my dreads to be thin and resemble yarn, could I make them so?
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I saw a cool short documentary today called Lockin' Up, it made me really happy. A lot of things we discuss in this community were represented, not to mention so many beautiful dreads. Check it out if you get the chance!

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So as if I didnt love Tilda Swinton enough and as if I didnt want to see Narnia soon as I found out that Tilda, playing the white witch, has dreads in that movie I wanted to see it so much more. Did anyone else have the cartoon movie when they were younger, it was like my favorite movie and books
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I've thought a lot about shaving my head recently. I imagine cutting of each dread, one by one and then taking a buzzer to the mousey short hair that would be left.

But then I remember that my hair can look like this- and it makes the urge dissapear.

p.s. I got an iSight

Just a wee question

In about 18 hours I have a huge performance..
It's all sold out, so everything has to be PERFECT..
1000 people there to see me *nods*

My dancing teacher told me I had to use lots of spray on my dreads, but I told her it won't work.
That would be the same as poisoning my babies.
So I was thinking I might use Beeswax to keep them to my head, and I will off course use clips, pony tail and little knot + net.

I am so nervous..