November 23rd, 2005

pics in the bathroom time!

i don't like taking pics of myself, but i've had my girls in for 16 months now and i don't have any photos of them. so here they are... and please don't make fun of the head thats underneath them, its not their fault that they're awesome they're attached to such a goof.

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I've been meaning to post a picture of this, but this is one of my new dreadies that formed all by itself.

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that's all for now, I've been posting a lot lately.. so I think I'll stop for a little while. :)
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Does anyone know if there is somewhere in Bristol (UK) that I can get dreads done? Or is there anyone here that might be able to do them for me? I live in St Werburghs.

I would try to do them myself but I wouldn't be able to make them as tidy as I'd like, and my friends have no patience! I have pretty fine hair past my shoulders, I have been watching this community for ages, everyones dreads look so cool, now I want them too....

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Hello there! I found a good way to fix those little bumps on your dread: taking them between two hands (not as how you palmroll them but like when you fix the start of the dread, but then with two hands together, one above the other) and then grinding them together a view times. Afterwards the bump is gone and the dread is more firm then before. Just wanted to share that :)

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I dreaded this girls hair a few months ago.

This is how they're now.

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I think I should tell her to get her bands out.

Hmm about that subject. Thank you guys for putting me off the bands. I've been so stubborn. My scalp looks much better now.

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True to lurker form, I only bother you folks when I have a question.

My locks are about shoulder-length, finger-thick. And, I need to wear a wig for something. How, exactly, does a dreadhead go about doing this? I can't figure out any method by which this would be possible, and I really can't figure out any sturdy, time-efficient methods.


Please and thanks.

New Digital Camera

I just bought myself a digital camera. Other than these, I think I've only posted about 3 or so pictures.

So here are my dreadlets. They are Five years and Five months.

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Can you see my babiest dread? Its so cute.
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hello. this is my first time posting. and ive had my dreads for about 3 or 4 weeks now and i need help. alot of them are haveing a hard time twisting and staying together. its manily on the top to. if that helps any. i have bees wax but most of the things that i have read have said only to use it to like keep the frizzies down. but i thought they were for locking. my friend also told me to put bees wax and olive oil and mix them together and melt it down in the microwave to help lock. well but ya my main problem is locking. i'm black and my hair is about 3 or 4 inches long if you could me any advice it would be Very much appericatied.

peace, love & bud
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