November 26th, 2005

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A quick question,

I have a workplace Christmas party coming around the corner on December 6th, and for this party, we're supposed to go quite 'fancy shmancy' - if you will - and since I'm still working out hairstyles with my not-so-baby-anymore dreads [but still not quite there.].

Is there any hairstyles that anyone can suggest?

Unfortunately the page for prom hairstyles has seemed to dissapear from my bookmarks.

Terrible picture, and they're still loose and messy here. Since then they've tightened alooot. But that's the length of my hair. I'm really wanting to 'wow' people for this thing, considering they see me in ripped up jeans, bad hair under a hat and greasy shirts [i work at a restaurant.]

Any suggestions? :)
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ok so i completely acknowladge that most likely this question has been asked, but i have blonde dreads (you know that, der) and i want to die 4or 5 of my fatties deep purple. I have deep purple special effects die. Ive heard manic panic sucks, and special effects is good. How exactly should i do it? any tips? thanks guys
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So I have a few questions, and I'll post pictures, too, (later) if needed.

First question: My front right dread's roots are no longer connected to the dread. There's a big gaping hole in which the hair has been ripped. Is there anything I should be doing to fix this damage? Any ideas what may have caused this damage? How to prevent it in the future? It hasn't happened yet to any of my other dreads, but I'm still worried. I have no idea what to do.

Second question: Someone recently told me about a different technique in starting dreads. He didn't really go too much into detail so maybe you can help me out with the bit that I have. He explained that you take a section of undreaded hair, twist it really tight, and use a very small crochet hook to dread it. See, I'm not sure what the crochet hook would be doing exactly, and having such straight fine hair, this doesn't seem like this would work?! Have any of you heard of this or had any experience with this?

Third question: The loose hairs around the dread but not coming from the roots. What can I do about them? Palmrolling and waxing only helps tame them for a few days, after that they're back to being all crazy, even if I don't wash my hair. I need my dreads to look as nice as possible so I can have the best luck possible looking for a job and having these stray hairs makes them look sort of messy...

Fourth question: My dreads are very very short. What sort of things can I do with them? What sort of things do you kids with short dreads do with them to make them look nice??!

Fifth question: I have a few dreads that just don't have enough weight to sit down straight! IS nylon the only thing that can help me?

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so i have noticed that there are a number of dreadheads lurking in the boston area.

i missed the meetup a couple months back due to lame school stuff, but.....

we should have a maitenence partay!!! I might not be the best person to host, considering I live in the middle of nowhere suburbia. Anyone live near a T? I'll cook food, i'll be super-nice to you, i'll bring mad supplies & music and we can work on each other's heads. I'm a great maintainer, I swear, I just can't reach the back of my damn head.

<3 <3 big ups to all you knotty kids, you got me through the bad-dread days.
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