November 27th, 2005


fun times in public bathrooms!

i went to see OAR play tonight.
when we got there my friend and i ran into the bathroom.
and it was the most fun ive ever had in a public restroom.
the attendent in there, named denise, was so fuckin great. she had liek 3 girls standing with her talking and every person who came in she was all in there shit, like HEY! how are you my names denise and if you any thing at ALL let me know... have some candy!
anyway as soon as i walked in she was like, oh my goodness, look at those dreadlocks! oo ooo i love them! they are just great! oo my, who did them? you did? oo girl im about to get myself a dread wig!
and then she proceeded to pet my hair and squeeze my dreads.
lol. it made me laugh.
and feel good.
and the show rocked.

and i just burnt my tounge on the leftover sweet potatoes im munching on. but thats completely unrelated :)
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conversation snippet from a rest stop in texas

gas station subway employee:

"excuse me, excuse me, ma'am?"

i was waiting in line to pay, and i looked up and realized she was talking to me.

"ma'am, excuse me, but is that your real hair?"

i laughed, and took off the green band holding my dreads back.

"yeh, it is," i told her.

she stepped forward, almost as if she might touch them, wanting to at least get closer to their oddness.

"well, what'd they do to it?"

as if.. someone, had done something to my head without my knowledge or consent.
or perhaps as if it had happened as a freak accident, maybe it'd been that way since birth.
most importantly, though, i desperately wanted to know who "they" were.

i was so baffled and amused by her tone that i couldn't respond immediately. by the time i'd regained my composure, she'd become distracted by new customers.

...i just thought you folks might find that incident entertaining. :)
till the clouds clear

Puppytails <3 love love!

GUDU! hey ;) i miss this community! check it now and then and kudos to the girl with orange 'locks <3 seriosu envy.
Finally got around to dreaded up the undercutt i grew out.. if that makes sence. i tell you trying to see the back of your head is harrrd. anyway... these really are puppies, not even a day old tails.

the tips are eventually going to big alternatly mixed pink/purple.


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My friends, I've discovered that I'm lousy

I haven't posted on here for about a year, but i've been reading and viewing your entries and lovely dreadies. My locks are a year and a half old, and after weeks of washing with vinegar to avoid catching the lice that my close friend had, i've found eggs in my hair, and in the hair of 2 of my other dready friends. I've already read all of the memory entries on lice, and was wondering if any of you had found a site that sells delacet in the US or ships to the US but doesnt charge like $50 in shipping. A month of paranoia and vinegar soakings have failed me, and i'm not yet ready to cut my babies off.
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I was making a really dorky face so I cropped it out, but this picture shows very well how my roots are growing in. I'm super excited about how well they are knotting up, they are dreading themselves as they grow in (I don't even palm roll or anything). As you can see in the picture I have quite a bit of loose hair. What do you propose I do with all it? What's the best (quickest) way to get rid of it? Would someone maybe be able to link me to instructions on how to sew them into my dreads?
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