November 30th, 2005

My lurking is starting to feel weird after 2 years!

I have been looking at this community since before my first set of locks (which was at least two years ago)
So I figure I should probably introduce myself again. I'm Heather and I am on my second set of locks (most of which are a yearish with some thick ones in the back from the last set being around 2ish)

Lots of picks behind the cut
I took them all myself at 4 in the morning so try not to make too much fun at my expense :)
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I do however have two problems that I was hoping you guys could help me with.
As we all know, when dreads are new and squishy they make excellent pillows and are a joy to sleep on (when they aren't caked with wax atleast)
But now that the ones in the back are two years old, rock hard, nearly impossible to bend easily, feel like linkon logs ect, sleeping is becoming a problem! Does anyone with older locks have this problem? any solutions? I've tried sleeping with them up, but i move too much in my sleep so thats uncomfertable too, and the tam just falls off.
Here are some pics of the back:

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Also, I just realized after taking these pictures that they are full of fluff! its amazing the suprises you get when you havent looked at the back of your head in a year hahaha
Any ideas on how to get that crap out? Im not too concerned, but Im looking for a job and I'm sure no one wants a fluffy headed person working for them.

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so, when i went to north carolina for thanksgiving, i finally caught a snapshot of the boy with the beautiful dreads. he works at my uncle's deli, his name is christian, and his locks are 7 years old.

hellooooooooooo, nurse!

more pics of him available at his band's website. (they refer to him
by his last name, rivera.) it's a pretty badass looking site, too.


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Today was my oral exam in Mandarin Chinese. Grading me were my teacher, and her assistant Ms. Tang. I think I did quite well on the exam, but as I was leaving Ms. Tang mentioned that she liked my hairstyle. My Teacher laughed for a moment, and said something quickly in Chinese to Ms. Tang, and then turned to me, repeating what she had said in English,

"It's a black hairstyle." (more chinese)." I guess we know what he wants to be, he wants to be black when he grows up."

Just a little bit discouraging. I don't really care if people don't like my dreadlocks, or dreadlocks in general, but it bothers me that someone would get so caught up in race, and accuse me of trying to be something I'm not to my face. I think the strangest part is that it came from a professor who is an amazing language teacher, and gave a stirring talk on Canadian racism against Asians.


I have this teacher, Silvia. Teaching Advanced English.
She's from Poland and she really adores me.

Today she asked me if I had taken away my braids, and I wen't "no, I havent, and it's dreads" and then she goes on about how nicely they suit me, and that they look really sweet.. And then she says that she's jealous!
And that she really likes hair in general..

I thought I was about to pass out!
I am really frightened! She likes me so much, she follows me in the halls, she thinks there's something wrong with me, she says I can always talk to her if there should be anything wrong, and she's just EVERYWHERE!
I was quite shaky.
It is sweet of her saying that I suit dreads though <3

Sadly, it was time...

With the changing of the seasons, my body was aching for a change. Suddenly, having hair was a burden, a hassle. I loved my dreads dearly, but it was time for them to go. The process started slowly, with shampoo and conditioner and a hairbrush. My friend Ari wielded the scissors, as she carefully cut my hair into a chelsea. I had a few dreads in the front, but a hairbrush took care of those. Now, i have a curly chelsea, with one skinny dread left. He hangs over my right ear. He doesn't have a name yet, however.
RIP Emma's Dreads

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