December 8th, 2005

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Shampooing vs. Clean Rinse

So I thought I would try just rinsing my hair instead of shampooing because I have had a huge dandruff problem since I got dreadlocks and I saw that someone else had a similar problem and fixed it by just rinsing their hair in water and not using shampoo. Have many of you have tried this? Did it seem to work for you or not?

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I have read about head rubbing a lot in this community and I just wanted to clear one thing up. Different posts have hinted at different techniques and I just wondered which was the one that most people used. When you rub your roots do you rub like this: Image hosted by or like this: Image hosted by

And excuse my attractive dressing gown you can see in shot, I just woke up! :D
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call me a lazy dung monkey...or whatever...

What shampoo do ya'll use? Cheapish brands yanno? I've read it that you need the kind that leave no residue but I'm too lazy to look at every shampoo bottle at the store..heh...

The only place I can find the dread head stuff is online and its like 30 bucks plus like 10 bucks for shipping and I'm poor and I know some of ya'll have had to have found other brands of shampoo...