December 9th, 2005

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i looked in the memories and may be completely blind or stupid but even though i found out how to dye dreads, i was wondering if it was a bad idea to dye nearly one month old dreads. (not bleach or veggie dyes, just regular brown)

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My dreads are a little over two months old now, but I'm starting to regret making them so thin... would it be really stupid to try and comb them out next week, wait a few days, and then make new, thicker ones? (ie. is it better to just let these ones mature and then combine them to make thicker dreads)
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hello to everyone! ^___^

finally my dreads are starting to take shape. taking alot of banding to hold loose hairs in for now, but now i've got some of them dyed as i wanted so they're looking pretty good.

i guess they're about 3 months old maybe? great in places, shifty in others, haha. but ain't it the way with messy dreadies?!

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As a post to add to the memories - a lot of people seem to have problems dealing with Dandruff, and as someone who's been down that road many times, here's the advice that I've been giving on the board:

For Dandruff problems

Step One:
Do a vinegar rinse to balance your scalp to start with. 1 cup of apple cider vinegar (or white, I find apple is a bit better) to 8 cups of water: soak your head in a bucketfull for a couple minutes, then take your head out and let the vinegar sit there for about 3 - 5 minutes, rinse well.

Step Two:
If your scalp is really itchy, apply a small amount of tea tree oil to your scalp at night, about an hour before bed so it has time to absorb a bit before laying on a pillow. Doing this between washings can really help with scratching, and calm down your scalp.

Step Three:
If these aren't helping out as you thought they would, you can try an over the counter Shampoo such as Neutrogena T Gel.

Step Four:
If nothing is helping, go see your physician to make sure that there's nothing serious going on with your skin - if there is a more serious problem your physician May direct you to a dermatologist.

Loose hairs

I have qute a lot of loose hairs, and my dreads seem to get looser and looser.
Sometimes when I try to palmroll I only make it worse.
That's when I use water, to make it better for the while it takes to dry, and it will all be just as loose again.
My Dreads also looks more like nest. You can't really tell that it IS dreads.
I know, patience and all, they're 6 weeks in 2 days.
I just want thei'r own best.

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  I say holla, you say holla back.

 I've been a long time lurker of your fine community. And so, I'm now putting my fate, or, the fate of my hair, in your hands.

 I'm a long time fan of dreads, but I've never been sure if I could pull them off. I've got really thick red hair, which is where I come to a problem. I'm a fairly well put togeather person, that's how I like it. If I were to get dreads, I'd want them to be well done, thin, and even - not fat, matty looking, and fuzzy. Don't get me wrong, while I love the variety that comes from dreadlocking+different hair types, I would not like my OWN hair to be fatty dready-messy. I think the way your hair looks is sort of a representation of the kind of person you are.

 So in order to help in creating a picture of the predicament I'm in... I'm supplying pictures!


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Many changes since I last posted. I briefly had a color change, which was shot down in a matter of weeks by my mother who insisted I needed a 'normal haircolor' because I've got a shitton of opportunities where I must impress a bunch of conservatives coming up. I'm back to a very interesting mix of poorly dyed brown over pink-- my heart wasn't into it.

Last weekend, I saw the boy who put in my dreads-- returned from college for a weekend. I was horribly proud because it was the first time since August that he didn't have anything mean to say about them. glee.

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some very unflattering pictures for your enjoyment/ amusement

wally world with a sprained ankle wally world with a sprained ankle

yeah its a crappy and fuzzy picture, but its the best I have for now... I need to work on that!

Peerhaaps the most unflattering pic ever taken

and yet I am posting it anyway. I think it's funny! :)
I was concentrating hard on that DDR, I guess!
Peerhaaps the most unflattering pic ever taken

The first one was taken on Nov 23rd at three months old! and the second one was taken on Nov. 19th.
That's all folks!
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hey people, just a couple of questions:

what do you do with all those loose hairs around your hair line that won't dread up? the hair is too fine for me to make new baby dreadies with a backcomb method, but i was thinking about rubbing the hairs with wool to get them to knot up. is this crazy? any tips would be appreciated.

also, does anyone cover their dreads at night when they sleep? i usually let my dreads loose, but sometimes they can get scratchy, and i was just wondering if anyone has a way to cover their heads. how do you get your cover/wrap to stay on?

thanks for the info!
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