December 10th, 2005

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I decided to work on my tips today and I got soem interesting results. for a lot of them i ripped and twisted and then when i got sort of near the end i backcombed the split sections individually, so I ended up with soem dreads sort of looking like shark or skate eggs, if that makes any sense.

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i was in one of those "i hate my dreads, i hate everything" moods. so i trimmed the tips, and then i felt a lot better.

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hilde: the extensions are doing fine, none of them have fallen out or even been loose at all. you did a fantastic job!
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it's been a lot of months since i posted some pics of me, but im too lazy ^^
and i hate pictures of me, so i thought i only post one pic of my dreads


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My dreads are 3-4 months old, and they're natural, more or less. My routine and care thus far has pretty much been to do nothing and leave them alone, as well as a little bit of palm-rolling and separation from time to time. I got my wisdom teeth out last Friday, so for awhile my daily hair routine has been to put it in a bun. I haven't washed or done any maintenance for about 2 weeks.

Today when I got up, my dad said my hair was actually starting to look dreaded, minus the bit on the back of my head. I knew it was a problem, but it's pretty bad. Basically it's just a big clump of hair that's kind of matted, but in no particular way. It kind of looks like 6 or 7 mini-dreads that all all looped up un each other and share a huge nasty root, I guess. It's eating the rest of my dreads and making them look all funky. I know this is because I left it in a bun for a week and a half, but it was really initially caused by the way it gets slept on I think. I was leaving it alone because I figured it would dread up on it's own, but it's not and now it's getting to the point where I'm worried that I wont be able to fix it.

So, my question is, how can I get it (AND KEEP IT) separated, both from my other hair as well as from itself, and how can I make the root actually look like a root instead of a huge unmanageable clump of hair. I'm so tempted to leave it alone, but I hate the way it looks.
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thoughts at one year

(this took some time & effort. if you TL;DR this, i will kill you.)

i loved my first set of dreads more than i love this set. i think there are a few possible reasons for this.

i created set one in 1997 with NO information, NO help, NO communities or websites or others around me, & i also stuck fairly close to "natural" because that's all i knew. knottyboy/dhhq sites didn't exist. i didn't know ANYONE in my town with dreads & had no way of contacting dreadheads elsewhere, like we do now with gudu i used to regularly have nightmares that they were falling apart, or had been cut off while i was sleeping, or that i'd cut them off myself & regretted it - & each time i would wake up, touch my head, & be hugely relieved that my dreads were still attached & healthy.

this second, current set was started with the five years' of experience i gained from my first set. i backcombed them like mad, which was a technique i didn't even know existed until knottyboy became more popular & they wrote a text on it. it took eight months for my first set to look as good as my second set looked on day one. & in the year this set has existed, i haven't had any nightmares about them - though my internal self-image has changed accordingly, because i DO regularly have dreams where i have my bright red dreads; it's just the dreams aren't dread-centric.

i've begun to wonder if i love this set less because they were backcombed, created quickly with very little stress, never had the difficulties in forming that "natural" dreads have, et cetera. if it's because these dreads & i never got to "bond" through forced patience & a multitude of bandanna days & hating each other until locks started to form - on their own. (this also might explain why we see so many backcombed dreads cut or brushed out early in their development - there's no bond to break.) but maybe my lack of love isn't related to their creation, & is just because i so feared having those first locks taken away from me, & i don't have that fear since cutting & regrowing dreads on my own terms.

though i've said here that i wouldn't go "natural" again when i have such genius & fast results with backcombing (& because i so love to fuck with my hair), i think my third set actually might BE "natural". what that means to me is no backcombing, no wax, no sewing needles, obviously no rubberbands - but also no dyes... or at least no constant dyeing, heh. (a couple splashes of color here & there, perhaps.) a little root separation to avoid the beavertail, playing them between my fingertips when bored, but no real palm rolling or root rubbing or any of that. & if i do this, i'd have to start my third set when i'm older, so i have more than just a few sporadic gray hairs - the inadvertant hiding of grays is one of the few reasons i DISlike dyeing my hair. it will be the first time since i was fifteen that i've grown out hair all over my head & not had an undercut or a mohawk, & the first time since i was thirteen that i haven't had some sort of unnatural color in my hair. my plan would be to grow it all out
to shoulder or armpit length, then let it really go on its own & see what happens. go for really fat "natural" dreads like nocreamcorn has - my first set was "natural" skinny dreads, & i definitely think skinny dreads turn out better when backcombed, at least in my hair type.

...or maybe i'll say fuck it, let my brushable hair grow long & go for thick-assed backcombed dreads like agulina (formerly ninepoppy) had. we'll see. i'm sure i'll still be posting/reading here when it happens.

anyhow, this isn't a eulogy - i'm not cutting this set. i still love having dreads; i just don't have AS MUCH love for these locks as i did my first dreads. & it seems everyone agrees with me that my locks look fantastic, anyhow. :) & of course i thank this set for this particular experience, especially since i probably couldn't have attained "natural" locks with my current job anyhow - for those who don't know, i wear one of a dozen cancer hats over my dreads every day, with just my bangs & sidelocks sticking out (see pics below).

so for now, i see myself keeping my red dreadhawk for several more years, letting it grow to waist-length (i often trimmed the first set; the longest i let them get was about mid-back), & enjoying the tattoos that will unfortunately be covered as soon as i start growing out for my next set. so, to celebrate one year of my crazy red dreadhawk, on to the photos.

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i did have a friendly-fire casualty: i ditched the tiniest dreadlock back in mid-november. i'd only expected him to hold together for a couple months, but he was happily going strong & growing LONG since i created him in JUNE, & he was just too annoying to have around, always falling out of my hats & shower caps & finding just ONE tiny nape hair to tug on painfully. i'm happier with him gone now, but it was fun while it lasted. :D

finally, one year math:
an average person has 100,000 hair follicles on their head. i have a dreadhawk, which accounts for an estimated 3/5 of a head of hair, so 60,000 of my follicles are involved in my dreadlocks. the average human loses 50-100 hairs daily from a full head of hair, which means i drop 30-60 hairs per day into my dreads, or 10,950-21,900 hairs over a period of one year. so, according to this, my dreads are now 18-36% heavier than my 'hawk alone would have been. :D

thanks for reading. enjoy the pics. YOUR PAL LISH.
(other recent photo posts: click, click, click.)


i gota little blinged out dread

i found this little plastic ring on my coffee table the other day.
i saw little when really, its a little bigger then a quarter.
its a big green plastic gem surounded by little plastic "diamonds".
a flower shape i suppose.
anyway its sparkly and pretty and it fit right on a dread so i know have a new dread accesory.
i wish i knew where my camera was so i could show it off.
cause in actuality, i havent seen it since i stuck it on there 3 or 4 days ago and my memory is not the greatest haha.
but my friend just thinks its the cutest thing ever.

ps. baking some christmas cookies tomorrow to send to an LJ friend. maybe ill take some pictures....if i can find that damn camera.
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14 days till Christmas!

For christmas my family (english) family are coming over, and 2/6 of them happends to be pregnant. Meaning they want to go swimming..
And I have to go too.

The question:
what do I do about my dreads?

I also have the perfect christmas pressie for a friend of mine. She's been wanting dreads for ages, and she's moving away, far far away the 21st, so I'm dreading her hair =)
She was so pleased when I told her =)
Next sunday.
Will post pictures <3

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I played a bit around with my new cam and ofcourse I've got some pics of me and my dreads.
I have some very good news too. In the front behind my bangs there was a big bald spot before I took out my bands. It stayed for a long time, but finally there is growing hair again. JEEJ! I'm so happy about that, I hate that spot! Anyway picciiiieeees.

Ow and I'm sorry for the size. But I'm too lazy to make them smaller in Photoshop and when I make them smaller in Livejournal the photo's become ugly.
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