December 11th, 2005


Hey there.

Pictures, what?

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They're almost two months, which is only a blink in most of your eyes, it went by so fast!

I'm totally attached, I can't really imagine not having them. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone here, this community is fabulous, and I love it.

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hello. i need help (again)

what exactly is an undercut? any advantages/disadvantages? is it really noticeable? got any pictures you can show me?

the need to fuck around with my hair has never been this big. thought an undercut might do the trick?
any other suggestions are welcome as well.

merci x

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Went to see The Chronicles of Narnia last night...

First thing out of my mouth when I saw the Witch was -

" looks like she has DREADS...DOES SHE HAVE DREADS?!"

Right on. Did anyone else see this movie and think the same thing?

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So, what do you do when you have to write some articles for school?

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Today was officially a great day. I talked to somebody who is quite important to me, and we resolved some sh*t that was between us :)

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??????? ??

Howdy all. First post with some questions.

Always wanted dreads and i'm finally going to get soon as my hair gets long enough. ( i saw the post in the memories about shrinkage and i guess the average was 20%) I want them long enough that i can tie them back.

I live in Corpus Christi, tx so i figured i could get them done in Austin, Texas. Does anyone reccommend any places to get them done?

because i want them to be REALLY nice and professional... and none of my friends really know what they are doing.

About how much would this cost??

I have really thin, straightish with some wave, frizzy hair with a whole lot of chemical damage. Good or bad for pre dredding? Should i let it get less damaged first? or fuck it up even more?
My hair also gets REALLY greasy pretty quickly. I wash my hair like twice a week (if its lucky)...and i rarley brush it (just keep it back in an onion bun) doesn't really get knotty just really greasy.

(i read this post in the memories)

uhm...just my main question is where is the best place in Austin (or anywhere in south texas ---or near houston) to get this done???

::edit:: i don't mean salon...neccisarily...but if you know of someone that lives down here (or one of you people) that is all super badass at it...
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My dreads were 1 year old on 7th December. The day after my birthday!
Here's a bit of a pants timeline. I'd like to post some better pictures but I just moved house and I have no idea where my camera is!

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I love my dreads, they are the best thing I have ever done to my hair. They have liberated me from my increasingly obsessive vanity about my hair and allowed me to begin a journey of self-discovery. They remind me of the good and bad times I've had over the past year and they have grown, as have I. My dreads are me.
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