December 12th, 2005


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I was bored with the colors and green is the only shade I haven't had....

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the white balance was off in my camera....but then I figured out how to change it...thats why only one of them is in naturaly color.



I know someone posted on here fairly recently about putting their whole head of dreads into a dreadhawk but I can’t find it. I also had a look through the memories but I couldn’t see anything in there either. So my question is how do people with a full head of dreads get their dreads to stay in a hawk?

Thanks in advance

Dreads save the day again!

I have swimming this week in gym. Aside from making it difficult, my dreads have helped. They detract from my pale scrawny legs because all of the kids in my class are like: holyshit, her hair is all knotty!

On to actual substance: In January I'm competing in the regional academic decathalon. It involves an interview. Last year, the smartest guy I know had points docked because he had dreads. My question is: how do you guys make your dreads look presentable or if anything, look a little less like dreads. I feel so embarassed having to cover them up.

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oooh! ooh! new baby dread! I only did one because I only want to have a single little dread for a while. Oh, by the way, I've been haunting this board and drooling at everyone's dreads for a few months now, but I think this may be my first post. I had dreads a couple months ago, but my hair was even shorter than it is now, and they looked kinda dumb so I took them out. But I've been craving a change, so I might do them again. Collapse )
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