December 14th, 2005


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dreads are keeping me from having corporate jobs because people find them too weird, they think i'm a worthless slacker hippie. and i think i am happy with this. they are really a lifestyle.
last week i smoked some pot. it does not happen really often, i find it makes me too paranoid, but everytime it is a magical experience as well. anyways i smoked pot and went for a shower and started really loving my hair and feeling dread bliss in an intensity that never happened before.
and even though they are far from being the most beautiful and perfect hair in the world i looove them! i remember how i'd always feel unhappy of my crappy thin hair before. ahhh. yes. vive les dreads! :)

so... anyone else out here has got really thin dreads like mine?

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Holiday Party!

So one of the student theatre production groups at my school had a dance this weekend in our black box theatre
(soooo middle school... we did the macarena and everything!)
and I thought these pictures were realy cute, sooooo.......

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I got dissed by a hockey mom

I was at my boyfriend's hockey game, buying a chocolate bar from the canteen, when the woman behind the counter said,

"That's not your real hair, is it?"

"Yep, it is. You can touch it if you want."

And she does, and she thinks it's pretty neat, and she proceeds to tell me about her daughter.

"My daughter used to do all sorts of things to her hair, but never that!"

I didn't notice the woman next to me until she said, "Thank God."

I was in a pretty good mood, and I'm never that quick to reply to things, so I just gave her this mock-flabbergasted look and went, "Uhmmm.... shouldn't you wait until I'm not around to say that?" And she didn't really look at me or look at all like she realized she could have offended me and threw aside a little, "Well, as a mother..."

Well, as a mother, do you teach your children respect? Cause it seems to me like they're going to have to learn it from Aretha Franklin.

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Hey I'm new to this community. I'm loved dreadlocks since the first time I saw some.

I also think the only hair style that looks good on me is dreads. I've had medium dreads. a dread mohawk, and now I just started my natural mini dreadlocks that will hopefully grow into super long dreads.

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have a fantastic day
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A thought.

I have said this before...
As much as we all wish the world would be populated by nice folks who judge each other by the quality of their character and not the way they look... and not be obnoxious or rude or insensitive...

Well, I think we all know that's just not the way things are, right?

The general public has a rather narrow view of beauty, and it doesn't often tend to include things like dreadlocks, peircings, tattoos, etc. So... we, as people with dreadlocks, probably shouldn't be too suprised when some average citizen thinks we've "ruined" our hair or makes some kind of derogatory comment about the way it looks.

I mean, it's not like we've just fallen into dreadlocks--we CHOSE to have them, right? We have essentially invited criticism and commentary by virtue of our appearance. We either learn to deal with it, complain a lot or lop off our dreads because it's too much of a hassle.

I've had dreadlocks for 13 years now. I have been alternately ridiculed, oogled, commented on inappropriately, insulted, revered, pursued and feared at different times... simply because I have locks. I'm ok with all of it... I'm cool with me. That's what matters in the bigger picture.

So, as much as it can hurt when people make fucked up comments about our hair or make judgements about us because of our hair... well... it basically comes with the territory, and if you can't stand the heat, it'd be best for you to get out of the kitchen.
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Hot oil treatment thumbs up

Well I tried alaskadanielle's hot oil treatment - mess aside, it seems to have done good things for my hair so I'm giving it a second recommendation here. I needed about a cup of oil & water each though, not a 1/4c. Hot oil and an end trim later and they've gone from dry & straggly to shiny and tidy, although they will need another wash to get *all* the oil out (still some residue) Collapse )

Question: hints & tips for keeping fluff etc from getting stuck in dreads, or removing it without damaging them? I can't think of anything apart from putting a rug down when doing yoga, but surely some genius out there has invented the dread repel-a-fluff technique I don't know about?

Dreads are love right?

I imagine I should finally officially introduce myself. I'm Monica and I've had my dreads for a year and ...four months roughly. I've no pics tho...lack of digi cam and am not in the know for the whole posting-of-the-picture thing. So anyways, I dreaded my boyfriends hair about five months ago, I took my time and did a good job(i think:)), I worked on them alll the time, just tidying up loose ends and what not, and they were good. He said he had wanted them fer a long long time so I was just like okay lets make dreads.
He moved to BC a month and a bit ago, and I'm in ONtario. SUre distance is tough,but I wrote letters and stuff. He called me a few days ago and it was the same ol hows work blah blah blah, and then hes like "im thinking of cutting my hair, its not what I want right now" so of course i say "AAH? pardonay?"
Then we talked on Monday night and he definitely broke up with me.
I suppose this doesn't make much sense, but I put a lot more then just time into those dreads, and the relationship.
I don't get it.
But now I almost wish he WOULD cut them off(not that I'll ever see it or anything...), and just erase me or something.

thats life i guess.
at least ive got my health, and my dreads.

Always read the ingredients...

I bought one of the Knotty Boy Knot Teas Variety Packs the other day and decided to use the Main Island Mist on my locks today. Damn does it ever smell good!

I didn't read the ingredients (just randomly picked one out of the bag) before using it which is a big no no....

It has catnip...

And I have three cats.

Needless to say, I have 3 followers that are trying to eat my hair. If only my camera was working lol.