December 19th, 2005

i'm baaack

hola internet amigos! i just got back yesterday from an amazing trip to peru and bolivia, and though you may or may not be interested, i've decided to post some (many) pictures from my trip. i have probably (for sure) posted too many pics, but i had to pick out of over 1000 taken during the three months i was gone and it's difficult...i've already bored my relatives by trying to show them an only semi-edited version of the slideshow. but anyway, here you go!

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Last night when we were at dinner, this black woman came up to our table as we were eating and tapped girlfriend on the shoulder... she said, "I just want to compliment you on your man's hair. It's beautiful."

My g/f looked a little confused, but she smiled and said thanks... but I was a little confused, too... I said, "It's ok to speak to me, ma'am..."

I mean, fuck... the hair's on MY head, not my g/f's, ya know?

She looked at me and said, "Oh, whenever I see a man with hair like that, I always look to the 'sista' with him, because I know she has a lot to do with it looking so good."

HAHAHA. Yeah, right. Anyone who knows either of us at all is more than aware that my hair is my responsibility, not anyone else's... especially not my baby's. I mean, she's a loving person, a wonderful girlfriend, a whirlwind in the sack, etc, but she's not a hairdresser.... well, she's not MY hairdresser, anyway. I handle my own hair.

Well, we didn't make anything of it, and the woman left. That was one of the weirdest comments we have ever gotten. I think it touches on every misconception about us... the interracial thing, the dreadlocks, the man/woman dynamic... Very odd.

Anyway, we're fucking adorable.

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hey people!
you all have so pretty dreads. and anyways, i was posting here to show you guys some better pictures of my messy dreads, and you even get to see my face this time hehe.
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baby dread envy

i adore my own dreads(almost 17 months baby!) but lately ive been having this URGE to dread anything thats not dreaded. I really almost wish i didnt have dreads/could start over again just so I could re live the entire dread baby to ..."mature" dread process. I dont know, looking at picz of myself before dreadness makes me wish i could run my fingers thru my hair that one last time (again) and then start the lengthy process(again). aka how big do i want them to tentatively be? which method do i try THIS time? etc etc.

maybe im just a wierdo :)

but yawoo to baby dreads!
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I hope its ok to post this.

I noticed that a lot of people here have tattoos and piercings and such.

I just wanted to say that myself and a friend do a podcast that talks about news thats relates to body modification. We're on episode 9. all the episodes can be downloaded from our website.

also we just added fourms so all the listeners can talk about the show, talk to eachother and everything else.

Also my dreads are now 1 week old, and are going strong. Their about 2inches long. I can wait till their long enough that they actually move, instead of just sitting on top of my head. I like it when my hair blows in the wind. I'm odd