December 20th, 2005

Update and an [obvious] little tip

Hello, hello!

Well it's been a while since I updated on the state my dreads are in... So, considering I have quite a bit of time on my hands today, I decided to take some pictures. By the way: they're a little over 4.5 months old - I'm happy with the way they're turning out. They didn't start off so well, since I did them all on my own.

On to the pictures! [They're all very similar pictures by the way - please don't kick me]

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As said in the subject line, I've got an obvious little tip for you - It's about hair growth. I've heard and read about a lot of people with dreadlocks complaining that their hair hardly grows. I've never really agreed, though, because my hair is growing quite fast. lishd mentioned in someone's recent post that hair growth spray [from KnottyBoy for example] just doesn't do the trick. Agreed. What you need is good health and daily multi-vitamins [I take some every morning]. Some pictures, showing how much my hair has grown since I've had dreadlocks? Of course!

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And last but not least... Here's my doggie Jessie wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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edit* I added better pictures of my hair

hey all. as I had said before, my dreads are 1week old. I've washed them once. heres what they look like. sorry I had to use my camera phone, my digital is broken.

I was just wondering what steps you recommend taking for caring for them. I'm not using wax, and I've read a couple sites and they say not to twist dreads unless you have certain textured hair, which i do, so i twist them, but now i have stopped doing that.

Should I just separate them everyday, and leave them alone for the most part?

any advise is greatly appriciated. I just want these to turn into beautiful long locks i can be proud of.

oh also the method i used what rubbing my head for like a half hour till it started to section and knot. Then I separated the large clumps of knots and formed dreads outta them.

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First impressoins

How do the first impressions that people make of you match up to what you're really like?

I've had people tell me that they assumed I was into pot or was a rastafarian by looking at me. When I first meet people, I am very quiet. I've had friends tell me they 'weren't sure' about me until I opened up after a while. As in, they thought I was stuck-up, hated them, or was a weirdo. I wonder if people assume that I'm as crazy as my hair before they find out that I'm just shy to begin with.

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I will rule the world.

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Hello All,

I'm Dana. 15, male, in northern Jersey. Mixed (black dad, white mom). I have really curly blonde hair, and it's roughly 3 inches long. I'm getting dreads next week because I've wanted them for some time now, and I Why not. I also look up to Zack de la Rocha, who has done great things musically and politically IN MY OPINION. He's not theee reason, but it helps that he did.

I just need some advice from 'dread vets' about the cool hairstyle. A few questions..

1.) Did it feel awkward having small dreads? Did you have to worry about them a lot? Lot of maintance? What are the best products (waxs, accelerators, anything to help) that you would advice?

2.) I sweat a lot. Not like disorder a lot or anything, I just sweat a lot on my forehead and hair and stuff. Should I worry about my dreadlocks getting wet?

3.) Did many people look at you different? Were you give a bad label? People thought you wanted attention? etc. I'm only a sophmore in high school, so I hear a lot of mouths spewing stupid stuff. (Many say I'm mature for my age).

4.) How long did i take for your dreads to go from small (from those that started small) to big, and what was the hardest part about it?

5.)It's the winter, my head's gonna be cold, but my dreads are going to be tiny. Should I get the tams and all that? It would seem weird. But, I don't know, that's why I ask you guys.

Thanks, I hope you guys can help me not worry so much about it.

Be Real,

- Dana
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these are my dreadlocks at ~6 months.

although i am currently in the (horrible, lengthy, painful) process of brushing them out, i just found this picture and thought i'd post it.
though i don't mind my hair in this picture, in real life it was unruly &frankly just too much work for me to maintain.
i will update you on the status of my hair later.


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Hey all!
I've always wanted curly hair but now I have dreads, so, I figured why not combine the best of both worlds and have CURLY DREADS! How awsome would that be! haha, awsome to me atleast. Anyway QUESTIONs: Can you perm dreadlocks? And would it actually make them curly? Also how would you recomend doing it? and one more, would the process hurt my hair at all? My locks are around 3 months old, at my shoulders and pretty soft still so I figured they would take to curling more easily.
Thanx for any help, its very appreciated. Oh, and happy holidays! 
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