December 21st, 2005

Jon Stewart

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Someday I'll lure a competent digital photographer over to my house to take nice photos of me, because between myself and my little brother, I get headaches from looking at some of these too long. Who says film is going out of style, peh! SLR forever!

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Hey, guys. I just joined within the past two minutes after spending a lot of last night scoping through everyone's entries. (:

I'm 16 and I've tried at dreadlocks about.. I think 4 times. Or maybe it was 5, I dont know. But I got a lot of advice from a lot of people, yet none of the advice worked for me! That, and I really just had no idea how to do it, and thus ended up torturing my hair to the point where it was falling out. I had to buzz my head twice (not that I minded, I liked that). Well, now my hair is just an inch or so past shoulder-length and its extremely healthy again, but...
I want to destroy it with dreadlocks the right way this time. I'm sure my hair is really upset with me, but I'm determined! I know that they wont look how I want them to look for at least (insert really long time here), but I'm willing to deal with that.

Does anyone have any suggestions on just how to start? Maintenance? Products (if any)? Not to mention, it'd be the best thing in the world if I could find someone anywhere in Tennessee who could dread them up for me so that I could take care of them without worrying that I'd done it wrong again.

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These pictures aren't that great considering my hair is up and you can't really tell I have dreads.  They'll be five months January first (ish).  I have SO many loose hairs.

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wlkrejhsf hi.

so i finally have dreads.
and i've never been so madly in love with my hair. the whole thing took about 30 was nice though, because i became great friends with the two guys that did it.

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did any of you have rather thin, limp, really straight hair before you got your locks?

if so, how well did your locks dread up & could you post a picture of what they look like now?
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Cute story: I babysit this adorable (almost) 3 year old, Jeremy. A few weeks ago, we were sitting and watching a movie on the couch when he crawled into my lap and started playing with my dreads.
Jeremy: why is your hair like this?
me: because i think it's pretty
*he thinks for a minute, while still playing with my hair*
Jeremy: i think it's... not pretty.

It was so cute. He wasn't being mean at all or anything. Just hilarious.

Also, I dyed my hair black. I've been dying my hair ever since before I first dreaded it, and now I just wanted to find a color that is closest to my natural color so I won't need to dye it anymore (my natural color is darkdarkdark brown). I like it! I'll have to post more pictures later, but for now, this one:
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Happy Winter Solistice, everyone.

I have a shitton of photos from my fake-sick day. I stayed home and baked cheesecake for all of my unappreciative friends.
Not all strictly dread related, but I'm feeling punchy and reckless tonight.

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I looked through the memories.. but couldn't find anything on wraps.

I want to wrap two my dreadies with some pretty thread, but I haven't a clue how I should do it.
Really the only thing I'm having a hard time with is attaching it at the top of the dread at the root.
Any advice would be awesome, Thanks :)