December 23rd, 2005


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so my friend put some wax in my hair yesterday. he said it would help it "lock up."
it started itching like mad and it was slimy so i decided to wash my hair to get it out.
the washing didnt make any difference, except for loosening up my tips and creating a tonn of loose hairs. and the itching was driving me insane so i washed it again, still no difference. but loose hairs.

now i am up at 2 am because i cant sleep due to the itching.
i'm at a loss.
my scalp is full of dry flakes of wax and and i dont want to wash it again because it'll just make my dreads more loose, but i think i'm going to have to. i am not pleased.

help please.
and thank you veryy much in advance.


i checked the memories and didnt see anything, im sorry if its there and i overlooked it.

i seem to be a violent sleeper, or at least i rub my head around alot. Anyway, the sides of my head are doing great, the dreads are still dread like and i love them, but the back of my head is a total disaster. they are undreading, some of them are completely undone...and they are basically irratating the crap outta me. i know its partially because i cant reach back there to roll them compulsively like i do the sides but its mostly from sleeping on them/ resting my head on stuff.

So im wondering, should i wrap my head when i go to bed, or what?
Help me, please!