December 24th, 2005

updated me


for the people that have dreadhawks:

a friend of mine is doing an art project (she wont tell me exactly what it is) but i do know it involves a dreadhawk. she asked me how wide a dreadhawk would need to be to look ok... and i have no idea what she means- looking "ok" is such a personal thing. so i figured i would ask if you all could tell me how wide your dreadhawks are so i can tell her.

so, if you could please tell me how wide your dreadhawks are i would be very grateful...
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boston meet-up, anyone?

Hey gudu-s,

I just moved back to Boston last week and after a few random hate-fests on my dreads, I realized I need a small clump of never-back-combed hair backcombed (in the back of my head) and could use some help with stray hairs...

anyone in the area want to meet up and help the local blind chick make her head less random?

I'll bake you the best chocolate chip cookies evah!
chair anarchist sideview

Getting giffy with dreadies

I am going crazy with the power of gifs since I discovered their usefulness yesterday. I also finally have some good dread pictures of the way my hair looks now. I am thinking about naming the four prominent ones in the photo of the back of my head even though I can't usually see them unless it's in this photo.

These dreads are about a year and a half old:

real hawk

woo! cold weather

I got excited today because I found out my hurr is long enough for my old beanie I used when my dreads were supa long. I like the way it looks (hence a fatty smile):

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