December 25th, 2005

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It's a terrible picture, I just wanted to share some progress that had gone totally unnoticed!

You see, the last time I paid attention to the length of my hair (who knows when, it's always up in a ponytail!) it was shoulder-length.

Happy holidays, guys, I love watching all your locks grow :D

(P.S. Mine are about 2.5 yrs, except I don't have an exact date because they just kind of did this on their own.)
Austin // 365 Project New Years

Hi! *waves*

I'm looking to start dreads and I don't really have any really REALLY good friends...

I live in Vernon, B.C. and I was wondering if anyone wanted to give me a late christmas present and come up (anyone who's close) and we can have some fun making dreads!

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so i got a digital camera for x-mas... which means yall are gonna have to see my face alot more. haha.

but hey, did yall know my sis has dreads too? yeah, i know, what a copy cat. her, not me of course. it's funny cause i had mine 4 months before her, but since i'm younger everyone is always like "aw you wanted dreads just like your big sis. how cute." but yeah...

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no more dreadlocks.

as i type most of my head is wet and covered in conditioner.

a good portion of the top of my head is knot free. (they were 2 1/2 years old)

yes, yes, yes.

they are going going .... GONE.

i have many hours of painful combing to do. i feel no regrets.

further explanations later, along with photos.

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heya folks and a merry english christmas! (slightly different to any other christmas)

Does anyone know anything about dyeing dreads with Kool-Aid? Did have a brief glimpse and memories but to be honest couldnt really b too arsed to search for ages. My dreads are already a bit red so it most probaly wouldnt make too much of a difference, just wondering how exactly u do it and how much it works. Ta chucks.
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anyone in Budapest?!

I am visiting my dad in Budapest for Christmas and am just realizing how very bored i am going to be tomorrow with everything closed. I don't remember anyone living even remotely close, but I figured it was worth a shot. Anyone want to hang out in Budapest tomorrow?? heh
I promise pictures to come but I can't upload them to the one computer I have internet access from. Maybe I'll find an internet cafe open tomorrow that will let me use a CD drive as well as the internet.
Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it and happy super awesome day to everyone else :)
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one year this week

to say the least, it's been a long year.

my dreads will be a year old sometime this wednesday/thursday/tuesday....

but since I'm going away this week, I figured I would post pictures now.

most of the issues i've had with my dreads have worked themselves out one way or another,

and I guess i can say that I'm mostly happy with them.

I will probably post a timeline sometime in the future, but for now, be sated with just a few pictures from tonight


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