December 26th, 2005


i am monica. hear me dreads rawrrr

so i finally have a cam that does this stuff
and i really do have dreads
let me introduce u to the 17 month ol mess on ma head;)

d'you know its hard to take decent pics of ur own head?

ah well. i can almost guarantee there will be better ones. but for now these must suffice:)

sorry in advance if theyre too big or if i need a cut or something...however that is done..:):)

cheers everyone!
and happy hoho
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Dreadie pics from Budapest

oh and they are four months now!
Yayyy dreadies! :)
Now I'm just trying to take up space so my user pic
doesn't get all wonky....
Someone holler if this pic is too big...
I can resize it but its just a pain in me arse.
Anyone know how to make the text in the table
the size of normal text so its not all huge-like?


My sister and I waiting for Christmas guests to arrive

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