December 28th, 2005

New Comb ^^

I went to the pet shop and bought a new comb today.
I lost my old one.
My dreads are today 2 months old =)
Some of them are FAB, others, Like Finnley Elisabeth, my absoloute neglected dread has gone back to its normal hair condition. Just proving to myself that my hair is as hard to dreads as I make it sound.

I need to sow them, some of them, and I need to backcomb the unravelling bits.
Why I bother to tell yoyu guys meaningless crap?
I just feel like reminding myself

They're only 2 months old, they're looking fab, BREATHE, nothing to worry about, BREATHE, calm down, sit still, lie still, go to sleep, they will be fine, yes, I AM ment to sleep on them, they will be FINE, they shall SURVIVE, leave them, BREATHE, let them do their thing..
I tend to ghet over hysterical at times. Yes.

Happy Christmas or MErry if you like.
HAppy new Year!
HAppy two months
Sorry for the no pictures, but my digicam needs loading ^^

Dreadlocks are NO LONGER!! :)

Well, I've been considering it for weeks now... and now I did it. After three years, I've said goodbye to my beautiful baby dreadlocks. I will miss them. Insanely. But... it was time to move on. Maybe years down the road I will create more. Who knows? It's been an emotional night and I will miss my babies... but I think it's for the better. My hair looks pretty shitty and un-even right now.. seeing as how I basically chopped with a little over an inch (give or take in some places) left. Tomarrow, I plan on going downstairs to the hair stylest and having them even it out. God, it's so weird to be running my hands through hair. As sad as this is, I'm scared. I don't remember life without dreadlocks (3 years will do that to you). I will learn again, I suppose!

I'll probably be sticking around here, to keep up with all of you and your beautiful heads. Even without dreads, I still want to admire all of you!

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And, I have some left over wax and Dr Bronner's soap that I want to give away.
I'm not wasteful, and there is still a good portion of all of it left. All I am really asking is enough money to mail it to you, and get packaging (a box or somethin' to mail it in). First come first get. Post a comment here.

There's pictures of those items behind this cut.

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Sorry about being so picture happy! Haha

Hello Hello

Hi everyone!
Hope the holidays have been treating everyone well!
After spoiling my little siblings rotten this xmas, I'm low on cash
so here I am again posting some dread hats for sale.
I'm not taking any custom orders right now because the last 3 orders resulted in non-payment.
Behind the cut are pics the hats I currently have already made and ready to go.
If you are interested they are $20 USD + $3.95 shipping and handling.
Email me at
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if this post bothers anyone please let me know. i've always figured it's dread related and therefore not a nuisance.


bear suit

Me Again

My g/f took this one while we were at my place this weekend.
Look, I'm introspective and deep... sort of.
You can see my messy roots. That's... um... deep and introspective, right?
Anyway, most of my locks are behind me. Trust me, they're back there.

And a silly one from her grandma's house...

That's all for now, gang.
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(no subject)

When I put my dreads in i left my bangs in the front un dreaded- now..that my dreads are over a year and a bit i feel, like the bangs are to much of a hassle..(wash every other day and make loook nice) So i want to dread up my FRING! There are abnout 3" though..and i dont reallty want to have to grow my bangs realllllly long to dread...I was wnoder if anyone else have had this problem... Extentions? maybe i dunno

Also...alot of hair is coming out of the roots at my largest locks and its enough to make a whole nothing baby lock! =) YAY! but...again its so short and i want it full length like the others..extentions? ahahah sew on someones else lock?

WOO thats it thansk!

Does anyone miss going to a salon?

I was watching Blow Out today* and I realized that I haven't been to a salon in almost two years. I have always had "problem hair", so salon trips were always frequent, scary, and expensive. It took me years to find a stylist who didn't make me look like I'd been sucked into a jet engine, and when he moved to Ohio I was so upset I actually cried. I wound up doing my own extensions and eventually letting my hair lock because there was just no affordable way to NOT look like Bozo the clown on a daily basis. I haven't looked back, and I don't know what I'll do if I ever decide that I need a change.

Does anyone else feel this way? For me, breaking the salon habit was like ending a really bad long-term relationship, or quitting a job that made me feel worthless, or losing forty pounds. Just watching these people go into a salon where they had to trust another person to make them look presentable gave me shivers. I'm thrilled that I don't have to do anything to myself , and yet I wake up every day feeling like a person and not someone else's hideously deformed barbie doll.

I know that a lot of people let their hair dread to reject conventional standards of beauty. I feel like I found the one way I feel comfortable with my "curly on one side, straight in the front, and frizzy everywhere else" hair. If I had to go to a salon again, I'd debate shaving it all off instead.

And to make sure that this is more than a post where I babble about how I don't miss my old hair.....

* Nothing else was on. Really.
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(no subject)

I ripped and twisted myself some new dreads from a ton of loose hair I had at the base of my head. it was short when the rest of my hair was dreaded and really soft (I dunno why it was like that when the rest of my hair isn't) so it didn't wanna stay when shft2357 backcombed it. It finally grew out plenty and I'd been meaning to get around to it so I just did.

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me in black and white

Not to be Posty Mc. Posterson, but.....

I haven't posted a decent pic (in color, anyway) in a long time and I wanted to unload the contents of my memory card. ;)

I henna-ed my hair today for the first time since high school, and I don't think I can ever go back to box dyes. I'm beyond thrilled at the color, and my hair feels so tight and strong. This is a massive improvement to the "smelly and brittle as all hell" hair I'd have after dyeing with Clairol or Feria.

Before (click on the thumbnails to see a larger version):

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(no subject)

Wow, I haven't posted here in ages!

Well, today I found a picture from last christmas and i compared it with a picture of today and i was stunned. My dreads had grown so much! How weird, because i never noticed. Maybe because I still can't really put them over my shoulder (they keep falling back when I turn my head a little) and that is still what I'm waiting for. They also changed very much. You can definitely see that I dyed them blond(er) and they just look a lot better :)

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(no subject)

New here. Name's Nikki. And I love this community. I've spent a fair amount of time here without ever getting around to joining. But I just changed that.
I've had dreads for a little over 4 months now. Definitely didn't realize it was that long until I was in the middle of that last sentence. Neat.
Anyhow, I was looking for some suggestions of good dread soap. I've been using some stuff from DreadheadHQ--- a hand me down from an old friend who retired his dreads. I'm thinking you all might have some better ideas? And if it smells good, that's always a plus.
Also wondering if anyone has had experience with doing an undercut with dreads. Or anything of the sort, mohawks ect. I'm planning on doing a small undercut in the near future. But my concern is that it'll really cut down on the volume of the hair... if that makes any sense. The bigger concern is the process of growing it back out and redreading the hair. Seems awkward. And frusterating. Any pictures or comments would be muchly appriciated.
Oh. And lastly. Bleaching dreads. I know there have been entries on this in the past but I was wondering what kind of damage that would cause to newer dreads such as mine. I know it's not easy to do an assesment without pictures so just give me what you can here. I'll definitely work on the whole picture posting bit asap.
And if any of this is in the memories, sorry about that. Hoping I didn't repeat any previously asked questions because I know how obnoxious that can be.
Thanks for your time and any answers.
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