December 30th, 2005

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Sad day.

I brushed and lotioned and conditioned and combed my dreads out last night. I lost a considerable amount of hair (a good 3 or four handfulls of hair came out of my brush and then some on the comb, floor, shower, etc.) but it only took 2 hours to get 3 1/2 months of dreading out.

I don't know why I did it, and I'm very sad that it happened. I think it was one of those self-destructive moments. That's how my head got shaved the first time, so many years ago.

SO I'm writing here sad that I'm dread-less. But things happen when life is crazy. I bought some hemp shampoo/conditioner to help strengthen my weak hair, and I took a prenatal vitamin today. I am hoping to get my hair strong and healthy again, grow it out (it was short when I started, anyway) and hopefully start a new set of dreads next year.

So in sadness I say the blind dread-head is no longer a dread-head.

But I love all of you, and I hope to have newness to report in good time.

Thanks for......yous.

(wierd part is everyone seems to be doing this lately. Maybe my subconscious felt left out?)

i apologize for the slightly stalker-esque nature of this post

but when i went to the bank this morning i saw this girl with amazing dreads and a cool hat...and i thought just *maybe* she might be a part of this community...who knows.

so, if you were the girl at dfcu in canton, mi this morning (afternoon really) with blonde hair and a tan hat, HI and YOU HAVE GREAT HAIR. maybe you could help me with mine, or at least point me in the direction of a store with tams and such.
::crosses fingers::
have a lovely day. :)
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I keep on yelling that my freaking hair just won't grow or shrink (shrinking is good, because that means tightening).

But then I remembered this dreads behind my ear that I've pulled throught itself (bad idea! but the roots where sooo loose, and I wanted to test it ;)). It left this really thin piece of dread. But.... I can exactly see how much my hair has grown!

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I am so happy :-D

Happy newyear you guys! I know it's early, but rather early then not at all! 


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