Laurapocketrocket (_lenore_) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Dyeing oooohhh

I know of the lovely dreading dyeing guide that Lish made (before anyone directs me!)
Has anyone got the address of a website which shows all the different colours SFX do? (preferably one which I can purchase from - I'm in engerland) I'm sure Lish has linked to one before but can't find it anywhere.
I have shoulder-ish length gingerybrown locks. They're about 9 months old (and unfortunately were orginally made with beeswax urrggh). I'm thinking of bleaching them lighter (though I don't think my hair will go white *boohoo*) and dyeing them about 7 different colours. Here is a picture, please do give your opinions/advice, do you think I should? Or should I just bleach em? Or should I leave em? Thanks :)

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